You are mine

joining up again with LIsa Jo and Laura ... 5 minute writing with the freedom to simply breathe in the process Encourage -- to infuse courage to wrap it around warm and soft like a fresh fuzzy blanket, warm from the dryer encourage-- to give someone a hand, a lifeline that says there is hope,... Continue Reading →


Everyday Promises

  Last year, something remarkable occurred: I actually kept my New Year's resolution. Seriously. ... the whole year! I don't think I've ever achieved such a feat intentionally. Sure, I've renewed good intentions and yes, I've restarted some wavering beginnings... but an honest to goodness New Year's commitment? Nope. This was a first. It started... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift

I'm a recovering perfectionist. Ever since I can remember, I've been dancing this particular step called Not Good Enough: Not tall enough, not cute enough, not social enough, not 'Whatever' enough. And I spent a lot of years blaming it on my dad and his perfectionist ways. In my early adolescent memories, I have these... Continue Reading →


This week I wrote report cards for my fourth grade class. I wandered through the piles of scored papers -- the mounds of mental notes -- and I put a grade on a child's blossoming life. Sigh. It's not easy, grading. It can sometimes feel too clinical, impersonal, even harsh. And then come the comments... Continue Reading →

Instructions Not Included

  I don't know what I expected when you first arrived. A catatonic version of your old self? A distant stranger? Would that sweet twinkle now be missing from your eyes? After one long month of uncertainties, you and Chris were finally coming home. Chris: wearied, burdened, but calmly resolute. You: lost, confused, with the... Continue Reading →

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