(19) Iceland Dreaming… continued from our Christmas stop, (’cause days here give you two for one!)

So how do you follow up a morning celebrating Christmas in July? You keep traveling up the valley. You celebrate every tree you see, because there are very few in Iceland. Thirty years ago they began a program to reforest the country. But their reforestation looks like our clear cuts in reverse! Packed in so... Continue Reading →

(18) Iceland Dreaming… Not planning on waking up anytime soon

We woke up to this. One thing this vacation has taught me more clearly is the importance of seizing each moment and then soaking in them. They are gifts, and the opportunity of having another "just like it" might not come. But if you have enjoyed what you were given completely and fully, then there... Continue Reading →

(2) Iceland Day One (?) Chasing the Sun

And so it begins... Gotta love leaving early, (thinking there might be July 4th residue traffic heading home). But what better place to start an adventure than with Brandon, the Adventure Killah himself,  as our guide and chauffeur. No traffic? No problem! ... extra time for a detour to Trillium Lake. This vacation is starting... Continue Reading →

Against all the Odds

"I didn’t know what I was getting into." How many times, and for how many things, I could have said that. How many things I would never have done... had I known. How many days I would have been less full. So I have to wonder: what if not knowing is the point? The point when we determine... Continue Reading →

If only…

And there they were, ~ a gathering of clouds ~ spread perfectly above a slice of sky ... a window to the universe.   Precisely aligned to reflect the beauty of the rising sun, these puffs of vapor were destined for greatness, designed for magnificence and clearly meant to become an unparalleled sunrise. Then... BOOM! Nothing.   Not... Continue Reading →

The Dance

My father-in-law died from Alzheimers this week. He died peacefully in the hands of a facility full of life and hope and angels dressed in flesh. Unmistakably, Alzheimer's is a hideous and heart-wrenching disease and to those of you living out this life with your loved ones, my heart goes out to you. Yet, I am... Continue Reading →

in the settling of the dust

the dust has settled now particles of Life strewn through space finding rest on window sills and piano benches and picture frames that speak of a different time when the dust was first kicked up into Clouds of Life that followed little boys dressed in ninja gear and cowboy hats and dreams too big to... Continue Reading →

the deep ache of Want

She was gone. And he was walking alone. Her camera in his hand, taking pictures of what life was meant to look like if she were near his side. Two weeks gone now, and he was wandering the canyons of Utah. Alone.   You wouldn't know on the outside. He smiled and chatted briefly about... Continue Reading →

… though I can’t imagine where

  Early morning shadows sprinkle the lawn revealing splashes of Light and baby fresh, spring-popping green. The robin hops through the landscape - stopping to listen - head cocked at the slightest rumble of a worm inching its way near. The flower turns its head to welcome morning's light. And just beyond, a doe and her... Continue Reading →

Old Crusty, be gone!

We all self-talk. We all have those inner conversations - some analytical, some matter-of-fact that say: "Do this. Go here. ... Okay, that's done." And then there's the other conversations - the judgments. The ones that wiggle their way into our hearts and hiss: "That was stupid! Why did you say THAT? I can't believe... Continue Reading →

A familiar tune

    The new day peaks its head just above the night and a mourning dove begins his soulful tune, Waking the Sun, his melody glides the currents of the dawn     Coo, coo-dee - COO, coooo coo Coo, coo-dee - COO, coooo, coo   Why does he sing, this morning minstrel, ... what moves him so? Does he... Continue Reading →

An Empty Canvas

"Just write" they say, "Just put your pen to paper, your fingers to keypad " they urge.   "Your heart will end up in the ink of new discovery," they tell me...   I suppose it's true. I suppose words are created in action that becomes thought and I suppose maybe even the opposite is true:... Continue Reading →

Hope’s Blush

An alarm woke me from my sleep today. No bells or whistles or unwanted blares... instead a quiet inner alarm timed to the sunlight hitting the tree outside my bedroom window.   I flopped back to grab another hour's dream, but the shimmer of tree's reflected light played into my thoughts... It took me a... Continue Reading →

Focused on Home

Joining with Five Minute Friday and Thought-Provoking Thursdays Hide and Seek. We played it for a lifetime.   Scattered into the long summer nights we raced spurred on to the Perfect Spot against miscounted seconds and out-of-step frenzy and Hope counting down to Time's hurried shout, "Ready or not!" Stopped frozen, we waited. I don't... Continue Reading →

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