… though I can’t imagine where

  Early morning shadows sprinkle the lawn revealing splashes of Light and baby fresh, spring-popping green. The robin hops through the landscape - stopping to listen - head cocked at the slightest rumble of a worm inching its way near. The flower turns its head to welcome morning's light. And just beyond, a doe and her... Continue Reading →


When the sun rose today…

Another day Another sunrise   Today, there was no fanfare No holding of the breath No dazzling colors …No facefook photos Nothing like the last few days when clouds lit up the sky in all their jaw-dropping glory and Hallelujahs rang and spirits soared beyond their dreams   Nope Just another day same ol' same... Continue Reading →

The Tease

I can still feel it if I close my eyes and turn my heart just so toward the light that forever moment when I shed my Winter robe and walked outside the door and was drenched in Gentle I can still feel the dunking of satin smoothing, changing, encircling each cell in another layer of... Continue Reading →

if my words…

Writing with the Five minute Friday community... ready, set, go. If my words could fly on the wind, if they could encompass the earth on a journey of freedom, if they could cover the heights of daring and the depths of tragedy... where would they travel? Would they beat the streets of Morocco, or scale... Continue Reading →

Autumns’ Dance

The leaves burn red and blaze orange around me and for a moment I’m caught unaware - breathless. In the middle of all this beautiful change I feel every part of me smile and weep and yearn all at the same time. What is it about Fall that causes my thoughts to tug at the... Continue Reading →

Calling All Ye Jolly Oxen!

Sometimes out of nowhere Life bubbles up so full and overflowing that it spills over into one deliciously messy puddle of delightful mud. An amazing mix of Deep and True and all of earth’s richness swirled together into a perfect pool where words splash brown - washed clean - unleashed in hard earned Joy that... Continue Reading →

It’s icy blue outside - that shade of blue that paints itself cold between night and a dawning day. And in the distance the roosters have begun their morning song. Heralds of a new day, they crow in frantic urgency, “It’s coming! It’s coming! Wake up! Be ready!” Every morning they cry. A wandering frog... Continue Reading →

Look up

I get car sick and seasick and any other churning illusion that paints itself Deathly Dizzy White. I know its optical trickery. I know Outside stands still beyond the car window... as I'm catapulted forward motionless.  I know the horizon stretches beyond me steady and true ... as I bob and weave among Life's waves.... Continue Reading →

Today I Dig Deep

This day I rush home. This day I tear off the Sunday best that paints me cold and distant with all things fake, and shallow. All things that I loathe.... and all things that I am. Something is going on in my soul, like a brewing storm. Something dark. deep. unknown. And I fall to... Continue Reading →

Alleyway Vigilantes

Down a darkened alley way I walk Suffocating in the gloom of familiar shadows that threaten from within Suddenly footsteps resound behind me Racing with my heart They run faster Reaching for my soul They draw nearer In a moment of frenzied madness They have come for me ~and I stand frozen~ there is nowhere... Continue Reading →

Time for Cleaning Closets

Okay, it's time. I'm tired of pretending. I'm tired of thinking Life will magically clean this mess around me. It must be Spring. ...because I'm itching to start cleaning closets. Growing up, I was that "'has-it-all-together' summa cum laude teenaged girl" who reveled in the chaos of my messy room. Honestly, I can't say that... Continue Reading →

This Roller Coaster

I love roller coasters. I love the growing anticipation with each lurch of the pulling gears steady sure pulsating with purpose and hope height highest                                                             ... Continue Reading →

Purrfectly Understood

Meow. MeeeeeeeeOOWWW. Me Me MEEEooooow. mew Loud, soft, constant, intermittent. No matter what the variation my cat only screams one thing: "Listen to meeeeee. I neeeeddd. And I neeeeed neeooooow. Serve meeeee NOW." Most of the time I know exactly what he wants: that perfect ear scratch, that comfortable spot on my lap (or computer),... Continue Reading →

Kaleidoscope (A New View)

Recently I wrote a post about one of my kaleidoscope days -- One of those days I tumbled through life feeling disjointed and scattered. I almost deleted it. But then I stumbled on a poem I wrote that First Summer when Dad came to live with us. The summer when I was so desperately trying... Continue Reading →

On your mark, Get set…

         In the beginning... I learned pretty early in my time here on Earth, that I don't like beginnings and endings. Beginnings brought the ever-looming reality of endings that inevitably caused pain. Whether those beginnings were for projects, or stories to be written, or new recipes, I decided I would avoid them as much as... Continue Reading →


This week I wrote report cards for my fourth grade class. I wandered through the piles of scored papers -- the mounds of mental notes -- and I put a grade on a child's blossoming life. Sigh. It's not easy, grading. It can sometimes feel too clinical, impersonal, even harsh. And then come the comments... Continue Reading →

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