… tumbling and crashing to the ground

I did it. I climbed it. I gathered my resolve, and the waning “last” chance and I burst through his darkening silence “I’m going to climb your tree. Now. Will you come with me?”   Forever it had mocked me, For a lifetime it sneered its accusations For an eternity it laughed at my regret … Continue reading … tumbling and crashing to the ground

I still believe in Morning

It’s black outside. Inky black. Seems it’s blacker this year than ever before. Used to be I loved the cover of dark in these early hours. Used to be I loved the hug of Time taking its time to spend moments with me. Used to be I loved the feeling of a darkened refuge I … Continue reading I still believe in Morning

… though I can’t imagine where

  Early morning shadows sprinkle the lawn revealing splashes of Light and baby fresh, spring-popping green. The robin hops through the landscape - stopping to listen - head cocked at the slightest rumble of a worm inching its way near. The flower turns its head to welcome morning's light. And just beyond, a doe and her … Continue reading … though I can’t imagine where

Focused on Home

Joining with Five Minute Friday and Thought-Provoking Thursdays Hide and Seek. We played it for a lifetime.   Scattered into the long summer nights we raced spurred on to the Perfect Spot against miscounted seconds and out-of-step frenzy and Hope counting down to Time's hurried shout, "Ready or not!" Stopped frozen, we waited. I don't … Continue reading Focused on Home

When the sun rose today…

Another day Another sunrise   Today, there was no fanfare No holding of the breath No dazzling colors …No facefook photos Nothing like the last few days when clouds lit up the sky in all their jaw-dropping glory and Hallelujahs rang and spirits soared beyond their dreams   Nope Just another day same ol' same … Continue reading When the sun rose today…

The Tease

I can still feel it if I close my eyes and turn my heart just so toward the light that forever moment when I shed my Winter robe and walked outside the door and was drenched in Gentle I can still feel the dunking of satin smoothing, changing, encircling each cell in another layer of … Continue reading The Tease

Every Flit

I love eagles. I love their majesty and beauty, how they command the sky, evoking awe... how they soar the currents, beyond the crowds, invoking wonder. All things perfect soar on eagles’ wings. I wanted to be an eagle. I pictured myself rising above all the earthly muck and stretching wings of spirit-filled wonder. I … Continue reading Every Flit

A Dream Come True

  I look out from my morning fortress, snuggled in my blanket, cradling coffee and sipping life.  I wish for deep thoughts, but they allude me here. Sometimes it’s everything just to watch and listen. As I wait, Sun's first rays shine bright their spotlight on dreams come true right at my feet and though … Continue reading A Dream Come True