Journey to San Juan Islands, Day 5: Renewed, Refreshed, Resurrected

We woke up Terry’s official 60th birthday, to no alarms, no have to’s and nothing more than simply being alive.

I knew the surge of the weekend and Last Year’s LIfe Storms would push in, and we would need a morning (and day) free from all expectations.


Letting a day unfold in surprise. is magic too easily overlooked these days.


And every time we looked around us, we were surprised

over and over and over again


We spent the morning having coffee with Jesus – talking, sharing, laughing … eating 🙂

… We remembered the weekend.

We processed all the good, the bad and the ugly of the last couple of years.

We took everything in and laid it all down

~ and magic happened~


Worn out hope was renewed

Dried up joy was refreshed

and War-torn hearts

… were resurrected

blossoming new


Life in ALL its craziness – is a gift.

A truly wonderful, difficult, amazing gift.

Oh how good it was to remember – to feel.- that again

… as we let the day nudge us forward.



Eastsound, Washington, Orcas Island



After grocery shopping for the next few days, we returned to our slice of heaven to get ready for an early birthday dinner. (A birthday card was waiting at our doorstep! And an iron was rushed to a hopelessly crumpled birthday dress. 🙂 )

Then on to this (spendy-ish-but-worth-it) restaurant:


With this amazing view ❤ …

(Oh and this one too. 😉 )….


And so what do you actually do for your sister-in-love on her 60th? ……………


… You get her drunk, tipsy, happy (first mai tai in over 30 years!)

You buy her fried oysters

(because Andy (you remember our kayak tour guide sansei) said we should… )

And after a really yummy dinner…


you make her eat “poop” for her birthday treat!

Okay, yes, there is a backstory to this…

Terry is an Animal Health Technician (nurse to a veterinarian). Recently, they had a very sick dog, who ‘deposited’ a very emoji-like gift on their floor.

It was SOOOO emoji-like that a co-worker got two marshmallows, added some Sharpie pooples  pupils and made sure the mental image was forever captured digitally.

Soooooooo…. when this dessert came out….

you can only imagine the laughs that blasted out of us (wrong choice of words)

…oh wait, that was the oysters the next day. ummm TMI


Okay ‘moving’ on ……..  😉


After dinner, we laughed our way to all these treasures…


and then we scrambled home for Sun’s encore performance

… the cherry on top to a very special day.



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