Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 4 (Part 1) – Goodbye “Friday” Island

Monday morning,

Time to say goodbye to Stuart island and our kayaking adventure…


This was our morning view…hard to believe this is the ocean and not a lake.

And check out Tip Top Peak! (looking all fresh and golden… such a tease!)

Our “ticket” for breakfast was tearing down and packing up our stuff by 7:00 am. (Coffee at 6:30 to help the mind unfog and as you can see is necessary. πŸ˜‰

And true to style we were on the water almost on time! (8:04 am… okay, 4 minutes late, but worthy of a promised t-shirt if we made it back by 12:30)

The 10 miles back went quicker this time and was supposedly easier (though try to convince my body of that!) With Andy and his faithful tide and current check-ins, we “shot the moon” (the term for straight to the target paddling… no current help on THIS one!)

But according to Andy, we’d be enjoying a “slack” tide …(this is when instead of the extremes of a high or low tidal currents,Β  it “slacks” into a “leveled out” tide for a while) And thank God (again), a comfortable cloud cover moved on in for the next four and a half hours of grueling energetic paddling. πŸ™‚

But I’m sad to announce that there was a casualty… my purple pristine Hydroflask. It was tied down by three very tight cords and decided to jump ship – kicked into its final resting place by a paddle gone rogue. Said paddle, when doing a not-so-graceful maneuver,Β  caught Terry’s speedy wake, doubled back on itself, gave my hydroflask the ‘what for’ and BAM! over the side. Though I desperately grabbed for it, alas, it left only the memory of its purple head fading in the deep blue sea. (Andy said he’d never known a flask to sink… well, mister, I made SURE I had topped it to full before we left, and its cap was a “sipper’ kind… not a big seal on that one.)

Yet, what can you do except laugh and send it off with some final heartfelt πŸ˜‰ words…

Then, about 15 minutes later, BAM! Terry’s hydroflask went flying – grieving its friend I suppose. But with a more surely sealed top and my quick lightning-fast reflexes (lucky lunge) I saved its banged-up-less-than-pristine-needs-to-be-replaced-anyway (aka more loved) life.

Never a dull moment. πŸ˜‰

On our journey back, we did end up taking a different route back, stopping for a (5 minutes!) pee break (complete with deer) and the onward. (Apparently, Andy’s Alaskan upbringing includes the idea of: MUSH!) Hurrying to “enjoy” the benefits of the slack tide (and a promised t-shirt if…….)

Then, rounding the final corner of our landing harbor, we arrived back on “Friday” Island at 12:30! to Andy once again making us an amazing lunch (pasta salad with all the goodies) while we unpacked for the final time.

Note: Because tourists arrive at Friday Harbor, the island is often called that, by such tourists (aka: Me). Hard habit to break. The island is officially named San Juan Island.

We had come full circle

I’m not gonna lie, the ending fell a little “flat” … there were no final big bear hugs, or that sense of closure that makes your heart sigh a happy contented sigh…

…But maybe that is how it should be.


Life gloriously moves forward

in all its “catch-the-beauty-let-it-go” Nows.

And it’s a beautiful, exciting, crazy ride

to ride well (and cherish along the way.)

So we did.

We lived and caught every moment… right down to the t-shirt.


Then moving forward, in that warm-fuzzy (okay, tired and sweaty) thankfulness, we stormed Friday (see I did it again!)

San Juan Island’s famous lavender farm!

Then, grabbing the lavender lemonade, the $7.00 all-the lavender-you-can-fit-into-a-twist-tie… and the new granddaughter’s lavender bunny…


…we were off to grocery shopping (with resurrected cooler!) and a new adventure.

(Orcas Island – and a hot tub waiting for us!!!!! Pinch me now.)





2 thoughts on “Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 4 (Part 1) – Goodbye “Friday” Island

  1. The lavender bundles hanging upside down are at your home there, or Terry’s?
    Awesome journal entries and photos, Jane!…. FOUR and A HALF HOURS of paddling!! PHEW!!! I’m impressed! What was in the flask you lost: Water??

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