Journey to San Juan Islands Day 3 (Part 2) Overflowing

We came back from our hike to carrots, grapes and a sandwich of fresh local veggies, spicy hummus, and black forest ham. (Took this pic sitting in a made-for-me madrone tree.)


Then, refueled, we were ready for a paddle and swim,

We were headed for a “quick jaunt” (about a 3 mile ? roundtrip) to Gossip Island.

But its beaches were occupied by other seafarers, so we set our sight on Cemetery Island. (I tried to find the back story to the name, but guess it will have to be left for our imagination, though, while there, I did look for some headstones. đŸ˜‰ )

Maybe the name came from its white “sandy” beach which, in reality, was the cemetery of many otter and seabird meals – cracked and bleached shells by the tugboat full!


The ocean was BRRRRR…but oh so refreshing, which set us up nicely for our next amazing meal: an early dinner of salmon, broccolini, and couscous! Topped off (or more accurately POPPED off) by Charles and Amy’s wedding champagne . We were literally BLOWN into a lot of overflowing laughter! (But I’m convinced the great meal was just Andy’s way of buttering us up to push us hard up Tip Top Peak to make the sunset on time…)

Oh but the view – and timing – was worth every last push!


… Then we explored some more of the crested mountain top and  I found this “Terry” tree.

…Every other maple we had seen along the climb was tall, stretched out, interwoven with the othere. This one was small and compact. Sturdy, rooted deep, set apart on the highest point of this beautiful mountain. Strong. Inviting. Climbable.

Exposed to every element Life can throw at it… but nonetheless thriving, flourishing, reaching out to shade and protect, to gather in and embrace… and oh so, so, beautiful.

That’s my sister-in-love.


Terry’s beautiful meadow pic…

… and then we just basked in the beauty created for us from the beginning of time…


Our days numbered.

Our steps guided.

Our hearts held.


Coming back to camp we just glowed…

We laughed.

We joked.

We played “gatekeeper” to unsuspecting hikers since our camp lined the dock-to-trail passage way – charging a straight-faced $5.00 fee or a bottle of wine… followed by our hysterical laughter and their confused looks.

We entrenched our imaginations with late arrival “campers” as we played “figure-out-the-back-stories-of-eight-yacht’s-men-turned-campfire-hosts” (who arrived late, set up ‘camp’ complete with stringed lights!, and left about an hour later) … accepting their dry wood eagerly as they returned to their yachts.

We shared time and space.. and basked in peace.

In short, we celebrated our last night with Life – pressed down, shaken together, overflowing, glorious Life.

2 thoughts on “Journey to San Juan Islands Day 3 (Part 2) Overflowing

  1. How tall is “Andy the Beast”? He really was a good sport as he huffed and puffed his way up trail after trail to “blaze” a new adventure or campsite for the four of you, huh?

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