Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 3- (Part 1: Morning) “We be on Island time now!”

It was slated that today would be an exploring island day – “chilling out” from the long paddle. (Tomorrow would be another long paddle)… but we wanted to do at least a LITTLE ride! So, agenda set:

  1. Coffee, pancakes with strawberries… bacon? (can’t remember now)
  2. Personal time while Andy did dishes (gotta LOVE this making breakfast and cleaning up gig!)
  3. Hike to the lighthouse, Andy leaves early to make lunch! (Pinch me!)
  4. Come back for another wonderful lunch
  5. Paddle to another island for some swim time (brrr)
  6. Come back to earlier dinner
  7. Hike Tip Top peak for sunset!

(Which basically means a 4 part journal day with matching pictures!  Reader beware… again 😉 )


Our early morning camping harbor


Just over the small knoll to the other side of the island.

And a beautiful beach all to ourselves to nestle in to some sweet conversations with Jesus.

So, so humbled and thankful to be given such a gift as this.

Then back to a ready and waiting tribe … As we apologized for being late, what was spoken to our hearts:

“No worries! We be on island time!”

And thus began the day, and our 5 mile hike to more surprises…


First surprise…

Gotta make the honeymooners swing, right?

Second surprise… throughout the trail some nice island resident fills water jugs and dixie cups for unprepared hikers! (yep that was me…)

AND… who woulda guessed that there was shopping on this unincorporated island?? … A mile in on a the trail (near the old school museum) was a locally supplied honor system store filled with t-shirts, hoodies, masks, cards and postcards and all available with addressed envelopes for payment to be mailed later.

Plus,  just around the corner was the old school house museum. Don’t know why I didn’t take more pictures of the actual school building (being a teacher and all.) Guess my mind was/is still trying to deny that particular upcoming reality a bit longer

… (But the old pencil-grooved desks were cool to see.)

and on the door of the school house was this… seemed like a picture I should take!


Then, onward to the lighthouse along an old country lane, and a surprise peek-a-boo of Mt. Adams.


Turn Point Lighthouse, here we come.


I really love these red barked trees. They have so many layers that can have them looking red, lime greenish, yellowish, and flaking between the layers… and so, so smooth! In Canada, they are called ‘arbutus’, and in the U.S. ‘madrone’. But I’m a fan, no matter you call ’em.


It was at this point, Andy went back to get lunch ready and we went on down to the lighthouse.


And turning back from Turn Back, we strolled back to lunch, and more adventures.



One thought on “Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 3- (Part 1: Morning) “We be on Island time now!”

  1. I love the photo you took, Jane, of the flaking layers of the madrone tree! It is a
    gorgeous tree, I agree! :}

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