Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 2 (Part 1): Now the “fun” begins… right?

Four hours sleep, (but woke up laughing at more slaphappy jokes.)

Hungry and Time-crunched (but salivating for breakfast on the ferry)

We did the ol’ “all in one trip” bringing our stuff to the car, and feeling slightly rushed we didn’t do the usual recheck to see if we had it all. (Big mistake) But, we made it to the ferry on time! (That’s gotta count for something, right?)

Unfortunately, the ticket lady, must have also had 4 hours sleep (without a sidekick or a stick to slap). Let’s just say she was not a morning person as she ticketed us for Orcas Island.

“Hmm… that’s strange. I reserved to go to Friday Harbor and RETURN from Orcas… It said right on the reservation ticket I handed her. Maybe it’s a “formality” thing since my return will be from Orcas.”

But “leaving it be” just didn’t sit right….

Enter Ceo (parked behind us): a Pepsi driver with a sparkle in his eyes and a soothing warm fuzzy Jamaican accent (because I refused to go back to Miss Morning Pants for help!) I approached Ceo and told him what had happened and asked him if a ticket to Orcas would get us to Friday Harbor along the way. He rattled off all the harbors our ferry would stop at: Friday Harbor being the last. Whew! We’d get there!

I breathed a sigh of relief… that is, until Terry needed to get something out of my soft-sided ‘cooler-turned-carry-on’ in the trunk. She said it wasn’t there. I asked if she was for sure, for sure. There were only supposed to be three things in the trunk, so I figured her eyes hadn’t clouded over with cataracts just yet 😉 … It wasn’t in the cab either. It must have been left behind – just one short block, (or was it more?) back at the Inn.

Panic ensued.

“Do we run back? Is it really that close? We can’t drive out now. We only have 20 minutes. I know we took it out of the room, but I may have set it down in the parking lot while I put the other luggage in.” Back and forth, calculating the perceived distance to the inn for running, trying to be wise, kicking myself, trying to remember what the heck was in it! “Let’s at least call and see if it’s even there.” Again, we woke up the sleepy Inn worker (who probably took our late lockbox call the night before) poor guy –

No worker would be there for another few hours.

With time clicking down, we knew we had to do the smart thing and let it go. I was pretty sure I had emptied the case of important items … but we definitely felt beat up.

Enter Jesus: It was obvious that some trickery was up someone’s sleeve to steal, kill and destroy our joy, our fun, our peace. Forget THAT! We prayed, and we let it go … writing it off as a “bump in the road” (probably literally!) 😉

And just when you think there couldn’t be ANY more drama, the ferry horn blew, we moved into our tightly fit designated spot on the ferry, and the “not sitting right” thing hit Terry – hard.

“Jane, I think we’re lined up to get out on Orcas island When Ceo rattled off the list of islands, Friday harbor was last. It’s been a long time since I was on a ferry but I’m pretty sure they make us get off in the order we’re supposed to, and THEY think we’re going to Orcas. You need to tell someone.”

Out of the car to talk with Ceo again. (I swear his eyes twinkled every time I walked toward him.) I told him the problem this time. “Oh yah mahn, she’s right! Oh yah, chu in the wrong lane, Now doan chu woarry none, I got chor back. Here’s what chu do….” (Gotta love those angels in Jamaican disguise.) So off I ran to find an “official” worker, made sure he told his “official” boss in case we got lost in the “un”-official shuffle. We were told we would drive off the ferry, then do a fancy bait and switch and drive back on when all was said and done.

It hadn’t happened yet, so not sure I should have breathed a sigh of relie (again) quite yet. But at least maybe now we could have some VERY needed breakfast!

Ummm, no.

Enter Covid. Cafeteria closed. Coffee machine broke. (Only chips and candy in the vending machines)… ummm ….trail mix, a fig bar and a 10 mile ocean kayak trek here we come… no problem!


At this point, even the picture I took, reflected my tired, hungry, growing concern.

Yikes! What did I get us into????


2 thoughts on “Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 2 (Part 1): Now the “fun” begins… right?

  1. yikes! So tell me you left dehydrated bags full of breakfast items in that soft sided suitcase back at the hotel??

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