Journey to San Juan Islands: Ground Zero – The beginning

So here I sit, having just returned yesterday from a seven day journey with my sister-in-love to the San Juan Islands: tired, full, content.

And now, I’m not sure how to even begin this reflective “travel” blog because this journey was so much more than that.

This adventure started as just a seed of an idea last September – a way to celebrate Terry’s 60 spins around the sun. It turned into a necessity for both of us in the middle of this crazy upturned world. Much more than a ‘get away,’ this journey was a gift – essential in deep ways we never knew.

It was a celebration of life.

It was an end and a beginning.

It was a respite and a refuge.

It was exertion at its finest and peace in its fullness.

It was a journey mixed together with white-knuckled waiting, and hope reborn.

It was all the “whatsoever things” rolled into one :

whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just,  pure, and (oh so) lovely, whatsoever is of good report and of any virtue, … and if there be any praise, think on these things.

So, I guess this “travel” blog is simply a way to do exactly that:

“think on these things”

again and again and again.


Thank you, oh sweet, sweet Creator…. and thank you, San Juan Islands.You both out-did yourselves for sure!

… And though we have nothing except our thanks to offer you both,

somehow – in a new found perspective –

I have a sneaking suspicion our thankful hearts are enough for you.


( Each of our seven day trip will be journaled in separate following blog posts.)


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