Journey to San Juan Islands: Day 1 – The adventure begins

To say that our adventure began in all the best of ways would not really qualify as an adventure, now would it?

From the very beginning, it was wrought with “Will this really happen, or not?” And between the rollercoaster rides of WAY too many Covid twists and turns, hope deferred way too many times, and lungs threatening to explode from holding them way too long, we both walked the planks (in the very best of masked ways), and finally GOT ON OUR (separate) PLANES destined for meeting up in Seattle.

And do you know what was even better? They actually took off!

Our adventure was really, actually, totally, 100% beginning – barring a plane crash. (But at some point you HAVE to start believing in miracles again, right? )

! This trip was on its way !

There is something about soaring the skies above creation that has the power to melt a heart and spirit into the smallness of its own humanity, and let it soar in the greatness of Him.

How He would ever give a flying rip for any of us… let alone care about

       the every little detail

of the little dreams

of two needy women

flying into an adventure

fashioned by His hand.

… And the fact that it’s true is mind-boggling, brain shattering, heart humbling! and oh so stinkin’ exciting!

(What follows is a rundown of the latest “comedy of errs” – just for us to remember – so feel free to skip to the last picture, and the next post for our beginning kayak trip and mostly pictures 🙂 )


The rest of this day was supposed to go like this:

Have two hours to get the rental car while waiting for Terry’s flight to arrive from Reno.

Boogie to Anacortes’ Ship Harbor Inn, get dinner and decompress along the way, arrive by 10:30ish (11 at the latest.)

Go to sleep ASAP (we had already decompressed, remember?) to wake up to a 4:00 am alarm to get onto the ferry (5 min away) for the required 45 min. before-launch checkin.

5:30 am Leave for Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington.

And, umm…What REALLY happened was this!:

Got the rental car (further away than anticipated).

Crammed for a new car learning curve.

Trusted an employee’s quick and “easy” directions to get back to the terminal to pick up Terry (who’s arrival was MUCH closer now than the “leisurely” time I had anticipated!) In other words, did not put directions into phone.

Got LOST on said easy directions “Take the first turn right, then the next right turn and you’ll head right back to the terminal” …. ummmm no.

Ended up forced onto freeway.  (And if the freeway was anything like Portland I was headed for Canada with no turning back!)

Prayed desperately for a user friendly exit to input sanity into the car’s GPS.

Found said user-friendly exit (YAY!) Hugged the GPS like it was a dear old friend – but it wasn’t. So instead I tackled the new-to-me car’s GPS like a pro (YAY!) And found that it was going to take me to a local’s back way back to the terminal! (DOUBLE YAY!)

… Only the small still voice decided He needed to scream: “WARNING!” So, feeling suspicious, I pulled over to put directions into my trusted phone (just in case). I then had TWO “confident” voices demanding me to go in OPPOSITE directions from each other. And, turns out, the learning curve didn’t include learning how to turn the ‘stranger’s voice (AKA new car’s GPS) OFF! Then, of course, I get the text from Terry, “just landed, I’ll call you when I get my baggage”

… as I texted back something lame like, “Great. Sounds good! Got the car, and now I’m completely lost. Have two ladies screaming opposite directions in my ear, but should be there soon!”

Hahahahahaha… how can you not help but laugh, and laugh hard. I finally found the OFF switch, got back on the right track, picked up a really cure hitchhiker at the Arrivals lane,

— and we were onto a very needed pee break, a little bit later dinner, and the Ship Harbor Inn.

Well, that’s not exactly how it went….

Pee break – an hour later! in a Covid darkened town.

Dinner – can’t stop, too late (some trail mix will do, right?)

Ship Harbor Inn – lockbox didn’t work (awakened some poor worker, as it popped open during the call!)

Prepare for early morning blast off …

Did I mention we were slated to go on a 2 night 3 day kayak trip the next day? “Oh no! What about breakfast?!! We can’t kayak 10 miles on 4 hours sleep with no breakfast, we just CAN’T!……… Oh yeah, whew! I forgot the ferry has food… Thank God!”

Bed – 12:00 ish with all the scare tactics of a looming 4:00 am alarm drowned out by our laughter.

And honestly, how much better could you start a crazy full adventure?



I will lift up my eyes to the hills—
From where comes my help?
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.


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