just beyond the horizon

I look out my morning window

to the trees

who, all night long, have held their breath

just waiting for Sun’s touch

Slowly behind me

Sun unfurls from his blanket of sleep.

But I don’t watch him rise,  I watch the tree tops instead

blushing in the glow of his hug

A new day is beginning

over and over,

again and again

stretching just beyond my horizon,

only to rise some place new

over and over

again and again

And like Sun’s rays

my thoughts rise

to you

over and over

again and again



in Earth’s crazy spinning of Time

–or maybe set apart from it –

you live

Not here in front of me

Not where I’d hoped you be

and not any place my heart can truly see

…but Somewhere

Maybe in some faraway land

Maybe in Heaven’s arms

Maybe just past the next yonder

But Somewhere

in this never-ending beginning


in this ever-rising day

And Some Way

in this crazy-spinning of Life

I will hold onto this Hope of you


in the warmth of His hug

I pray you find your way, Brandon

and when you do,

I pray he leads you home.

We love you forever, Brandon

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