Waiting for Spring

Somewhere in this darkness and cold

new life waits

A seed – with no power of its own 

            planted deep

            buried sure

            stilled under the heaviness of time



          in the waiting



            in the dying


hidden in the secret place

            of plans yet unspoken

            of dreams yet breathed

            of Hope yet realized

New life,

born first in the Father’s heart


… waiting for Spring.

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6 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring

  1. Jane I really love this one! I love how you portrayed the purpose in waiting. The hope of the process. Thanks for your inspiration! Love you:)

  2. WOW Jane! I knew I was blessed by having you as a friend, but I had no idea how amazingly talented a friend you are. OK, maybe I did have some inclination, but you never cease to amaze and inspire me with the wearing of your Faith on your sleeves, without anything more than you sharing your love through your words. Thank you! Much love!

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