It wasn’t filled with celebration

that first Christmas season.


Anticipation for birth is supposed to be exciting:

Moms, cousins, friends…

advice, commiserating, nesting

– not tinted with overtones of shame


That first season, there were no lights, no decorations… no family.

There was only a growing belly

There was only rumor of civil unrest.

There was only an unknown man,

leading an unknown woman,

weathering a myriad of unknown “what nows?”

trekking to a very dark and distant land

This was not a Pinterest worthy pregnancy:

aching feet, a cloak of darkness, lingering scandal and heavy womb jarred by every step

Frequent potty breaks, endless miles to worry

Do you tell Joseph you think the baby’s coming?

Will he even know what to do?

Is this really how God’s child is meant to be born?

…Oh please let this be indigestion.


And, how do you keep yourself from the madness of so many unanswered questions?


… You don’t.


… You press in, and trust what you remember.


Remember Gabriel?

Remember his words?

Remember life leaping at Elizabeth’s God-sent words?


“…May it be done to me …”



“My soul doth magnify the Lord…”



“for the Mighty One has done great things for me”



And oh, just look at that star

And oh, just feel the strength of this man walking beside you

And oh, keep walking with every ounce of your strength

Because In the midst of this darkness

Love holds your hand

and Peace is birthed in all its star-studded Hope


Linking with Five Minute Friday: Birth

5 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Beautiful, Jane. You inspired this – my Christmas gift to you. I hope you like it.

    They didn’t have a Walmart,
    no food court in the mall.
    No emojis and no clip-art,
    but still, they had it all.
    They didn’t have a GPS
    to get from place to place,
    to make certain the road’s loneliness,
    but still, they had God’s grace.
    They had no hip electric car,
    no hybrid SUV.
    On ass and foot they traveled far
    to meet the Mystery.
    Perhaps there’s something here to heed;
    what’s vital to us, they don’t need.

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