Outside my window

Outside my window, the four-forked buck walks the silence of our snow-covered yard – confident, regal.

I watch him.

Pausing, he tugs on the snow-ladened tree, and puffs of snow dust his nose.

A few steps, he stops, and our eyes meet.

He knows I’ve entered his world. He’s okay with that.

Pawing at the ground, he circles. Hoofing away some more snow, he circles again, scrapes away the crusted dirt one more time

and lowers himself to rest – but he doesn’t, not yet.

… He’s not in any rush.

Licking his fur, scratching his back with his antlers, taking in the scene around him, he watches. Squirrel scampers nearby, snow clumps fall into explosions around him. Wind darts through the pine needles around him. His ears, like moving antennas, take note of each.

Life dances around him and I am mesmerized.

A family of deer jumps the fence and graze their way toward him. I expect he will get up now, but he surprises me. He lays his head dow. All the way down.

Comforted by family arriving safely? I wonder.

A yearling spike arrives on the family scene, notices him, and turns statue. Like me, he watches closely too. The larger buck, head on earthen pillow, probably catches scent, lifts his head and stares down Little Buckie. Surely, I muse, he’ll rise now and make his stand. But no, he surprises me again, and lays down his head once more.

…He’s not concerned; he has nothing to prove.

In this glimpse of Life, my heart stirs and

Peace settles around me

like a well-warmed blanket comforting away the cold

that had been setting around my edges


In this moment I am content

A not-so-secret observer,

a participant,

a student learning from my friend


For one more moment he and I lock eyes again … and I realize, my heart has settled

like the peace around me

…I’m not in any rush.

Lesson learned.

I don’t even take a picture.


* * *

Hope is birthed in Love’s silent hugs.

Faith’s magic is created in a thankful heart.

And Peace is swaddled in the miracle of Life’s moments

one by one


4 thoughts on “Outside my window

  1. My Annie did espy a buck
    beyond my Texas fence,
    and she thought, “Well, I’m in luck!”
    and departed hence.
    She leapt across in Bullish glee,
    barking all the while,
    and followed deer through the trees
    in grand carnivorous style.
    They led her through the thorny brambles
    and into beds of prickly pear
    where the wisest never rambles,
    and I found her whining there.
    After a long spine-pulling session
    I dearly hoped she’d learned her lesson.

    1. I won’t be as eloquent… but my dog “met” a deer as well. “Stumbled” across it as it slept. Well, the doe woke up and stomped out a hole in my Girlie’s side! (She survived after surgery…so scary!) And needless to say, she was a wee bit skittish around wandering in the yard after that!

  2. Wow, how blessed are you to have all that right outside your window! And so beautifully written – I felt like I was there. There is so much we can learn from God’s creation, isn’t there?
    With love,
    Your FMF Neighbour #25

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