Wrapped in Hope

Sitting in my morning hideaway,

I listen.

I watch.

I breathe.

Wind plays music through the trees. Hummingbird drinks deep the nectar fueling his beating heart. Chimes dance here and there, adding just enough background conversation to quiet my heart.And rising straight in front of me, stands my wall of daylilies, like beautiful sentries, reaching relentlessly for the sun ā€“ guarding the quietness.

Peace waits for me here.

Surrounded by beauty,

touched by hidden joy,

held by strength not my own

ā€¦ I am hemmed in all around ā€“ safe. secure. whole.


The gentle breeze cools my anxious thoughts, I sense the hand of Hope

and I am once again reminded:


My hiding place is nestled deep in the palm of His hand.

My refuge is secure in the shadow of His wings.

My strength is found in the One I’ve placed my trust


And every single breath I breathe

is wrapped in Hope.









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