Rescued Warrior

Early morning

and I wait

looking out on the morning sun that is peeking just beyond the horizon.

It’s been a tough year.

I feel worn out,

used up.

In the window

I see my rescued poinsettia glowing in the morning’s light.


They say you can’t grow poinsettias here in Zone 4.

They say that it’s best just to throw them out,

They say they are expendable

– a Christmas luxury to be enjoyed,

then tossed away with the other Christmas trash.


And yet…


And yet, here she sits all these years later

looking out at Spring’s morning sun like me


Ushering in the month of May

she’s forgotten it’s not Christmas time

or maybe she just doesn’t care.


Using every Morning’s opportunity, her red flowers radiate

the miracle of this new day

Blushing in Sunlight’s first rays that play on her leaves


she glows


This rescued warrior

who was not supposed to live

3 thoughts on “Rescued Warrior

  1. Wow, sis, Now I need to rush out to my trash can and rescue the almost dead poinsetta plant I finally decided to give up on…. ;| 🙂

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