… tumbling and crashing to the ground

I did it.

I climbed it.

I gathered my resolve, and the waning “last” chance and I burst through his darkening silence

“I’m going to climb your tree. Now. Will you come with me?”


Forever it had mocked me,

For a lifetime it sneered its accusations

For an eternity it laughed at my regret of an earlier time:

“Hey Mom, Let’s go. Climb my tree with me.”

“Oh, I don’t know, hon.”

“Come on, you can do it!”

“No, not now. Maybe when it’s warmer… It’s too cold!”


And, just like that, I had missed my chance,

… like I almost did today.


But no longer,

… because I did it!

Today, I grabbed the thread of Time that dangled just within my reach

and I climbed it.

I answered his heart’s call – inviting me to his world –

and I embraced each and every branch and twig lending me its helping hand.


There was no fanfare

no grandiose “Ta-dahs”

not even a Selfie to mark the victory…


But oh, none of that mattered

… because there was a young man climbing up after me

just close enough to cheer me on

just near enough to coach and protect

just within reach to fill every part of my heart

And as I climbed the sap-laden spiral of bark and pine needles

and I reached the top,

I scattered every dark shadow of regret

and sent the crowd of accusers tumbling and crashing to the ground.


Then slowly –  holding tightly – I looked down…

And there I saw… love and a peace-filled grin

And there I saw… unmistakable pride

And there I saw… my reflection in his eyes


the best Selfie ever.

10 thoughts on “… tumbling and crashing to the ground

  1. Jane, this is beautiful, and it reminded me of a time in my childhood when I funked the chance to dive off a high board at the local community pool.

    I was mortified, and won back my honour by diving of the peak of my roof…onto dirt; it was twice the height of the high board at the pool. Several concussions later, I figured that I was even.

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