Just outside my window

Life waits

just outside my window

vibrant and still

quiet and boisterous

… full-to-overflowing life


Life waits

dancing in its stillness

pulsating with every breath

White-breasted Nuthatch flits here, soars there

Mama Deer wanders by – gone in the silence

Baby charges toward its source



Everywhere I look, Life pulsates

running in the sap

beating through each leaf’s veins

charging ahead – interwoven with every waft of garden scent and taste of hidden nectar




Infused with eternity,


yet still…


Life waits


for the morning sun

or maybe the summer breeze

or maybe it waits for nothing

Maybe Life is simply content

to be

to grow

to thrive


to feel each Hope-wrapped beat of its heart


right where it is



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