There is only Life

I sit here, on today’s beginning and this thought dawns on me, like Sun’s morning rays awakening my soul:

There are no vacations…

there is only life



Life to awaken to

to explore



Life to listen to

to stop



Life to hold on to

with hope



Even in the routines

and the chores,

the schedules

and all the nasty redtape of a culture gone wild

there is joy –





Even in the pain

and the heartache,

and the grief

of all the frightening unknowns

– there is peace –





In all the worse this world has to offer,

– there is Life –

wrapped deep inside a heart of Truth

and Hope

and Love


waiting with forever in His hands

– waiting for the taking –

big enough

true enough

full enough

to encompass every part of every moment of every day






6 thoughts on “There is only Life

  1. Love this Jane. Thank you for sharing. By the way, there is nothing plain about you. You are extraordinary, you are compassionate, full of hope, peace and joy.
    Truly blessed.
    Our talks with God are priceless.

  2. As usual, I’m lifted up to our Lord Jesus again by you, and am urged to lift myself, the people on my heart, & all the “stuff” of my present life to Him AGAIN by you as well.. I agree w another of your ‘groupies’, sis, who says there really is nothing plain at all about you..😘 (AND, you KNOW how precious to me your little fawn is too)…

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