Beyond the breakers

The ocean stretches out before me.

Tugging at my soul, it draws me out further still.

And in the morning quietness,  I feel the familiar nudge

and I hear the



whisper, “When you let go, you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

But that’s the problem:

 I’m not sure I even know what or who I’m looking for anymore.


Hope ?

Dreams ?



Safety ?

Peace ?

Truth ?


And the truth is: these are not elusive strangers I’ve never met before.

In fact, over the years – in different seasons –  they’ve become dear friends

Each one given to me – paid in blood –

at Calvary’s rugged tree.


… so why so elusive now. again. like the tide that keeps rolling in…


… But maybe that’s the rub of this all:

I keep stopping there – at Calvary. On Friday. Blood soaked at the foot of the cross

and oh so desperately sad.


It can feel like the relentless pounding of the waves.


I keep forgetting to look past to the rock pushed away – opened forever.

I keep forgetting what I found just beyond the scarlet stained tree.

I keep forgetting that I already woke from the nightmare that kept looping back on itself over and over,

“Sir, they’ve taken my Lord, and I don’t know where they’ve lain him?”


And in all the stress of reliving the horror, I’ve forgotten the jolt of love, that shocked me back to Truth,… the calm of his voice saying my name.


He sees me.

He knows me.

And in the crashing of the waves I hear the  the power of his love that blasted past the tomb.


His expansive love – pulls me out beyond the breakers

carries me beyond the tide

surrounds my soul with forever

expands like the ocean that stretches out before me.. beyond me.


Tugging at my soul, it draws me further still.

Nudging gently, I am quieted by the ocean breeze,

“You are hidden in me.”

Pulling me toward Himself, into seas unknown,

“I will fight for you.”

Cloaking me in a peace I don’t understand.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”,

Come now. It’s okay to let go. Leave those cares behind. Set them down. You can trust them with me.

Let my tide wash them away, Let my enormity be your security. Let my majesty be your birthright.


I’ve come that you would have Life and joy –  and more abundantly – not less.


Life is for playing, learning, growing – soaking in the peace I give.

Step out.

Reach beyond.

Dream again.


Sink or swim, Jane – it’s all the same: I’ve got you either way.


It’s time to live.

Joining with Five Minute Friday

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