Re. Store. Joy.

re –

do again

store –

stock up, save for a rainy day, gather up for the purpose of giving away

… a place with plenty for those that need

joy –

deep-down, unshaken-by-circumstance, unquenchable happiness which is infused at its core with







Order in the depleted supplies

Dust the racks, make them ready

Stock up the barren shelves

Fill them full

and fully faced

Line them up in a perfect display

– a stockpile of heart-melting peace

where nothing else matters

except the One who paid it all



the joy

planted at the Cross

watered by tears and loss

but cultivated in hope

that Someone watching nearby

might know

– know where they laid all my shattered dreams –

in the tomb of his broken body

in the prison of my broken heart



the joy

that exploded into Life

at His voice

gently calling out my name



the joy

that saved my life, Jesus


because nothing makes sense without it.

Joining with Five Minute Friday


3 thoughts on “Re. Store. Joy.

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  1. Just beautiful Jane! “Planted at the cross watered by tears of loss” ! Powerful! Truly, the message, the rhythm, just lovely! Cindy from #fmf FB page

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