He’s back!

He returned!

I can’t believe it.

Everyone said he would


I worried.

I fretted.

I held my breath all night long…

and then,

just like magic

there he was!


He tried sneaking up on me.

But he’s never been much of a sneaker.

My heart could feel him coming even before

my eyes knew it was true.

And yet, even then,

until I saw the whites of his eyes

I still held my breath…

and I confess, my mind began a little rant:

Where have you been so long?

Why didn’t you tell me you were going?

Do you know how hard it’s been without you?


But then I see him

and all accusations cease.

Dressed and shining in all his crazy glory,

he waltzes in like he never left.


Good morning, Sun.

I’m so glad you’re back.


Joining with Five Minute Friday

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