to the other side

Settle me, Lord.


Take this chaos,

this black holed vacuum,

this perfect storm of all my emotions



replaying over and over and over

around and around and around





and every which way but

where they need to be


Take this chaos and bring peace,

this heart that lays

gushing at your feet

poked, prodded,


wrung inside out

upside down

bruised and beaten


looking for a good ol’ Sam

to come along this dusty road of mine

and bandage the wounds


Settle me, Lord.

Settle down

the thoughts

that war with the emotions,

that war against hope,

that war against the




that threatens to blow away

in this jumble




Let your voice

settle me, settle him, settle us


We’re set adrift on a tossing sea

battered by pounding waves and crashing pleas,

… “Do you not care that we are about to perish?”


Settle us in your arms again, Lord

Holding tight to calm this raging storm

close near your heartbeat again


Oh peaceful sleeping one,

wrap us firm in the promise you gave, the one I still hear,

… you remember, please tell me you remember

the one you said so gentle, and so matter of fact,

“Let us go to the other side.”

Oh please, Sweet Jesus, get us to the other side.


2 thoughts on “to the other side

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  1. Double “Wow”… You touch the tender places in me that need touching, nurturing, hope.
    Thanks, sis, for your faithful writing, your generous sharing, your courageous transparency.

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