I still believe in Morning


It’s black outside.

Inky black.

Seems it’s blacker this year than ever before.

Used to be I loved the cover of dark in these early hours. I used to love the hug of Time taking its time to spend moments with me. I used to love the feeling of there being no one but me in a secret refuge I called my own

I still do.

But somehow this year the darkness feels too familiar – suffocating, stifling – like a perfect hiding place gone rogue.

Cramped. Lonely.

… and endlessly long.

So I wander to the window, I look to the horizon, and I wait.

I search for the slightest hint that Morning hasn’t forgotten his route. I scan the distance past the lawn and houses cloaked in this sunless eternity. I look desperately for the icy blue that will begin the crack in the blackness that has snaked its way to my core

and I hold my breath

 I hold fast to the last star’s fading twinkle

… looking – as one who sees darkly

… waiting – as one in slow-motion

… hoping – as one who prays to remember  that Life ushers in a new day

e v e r y d a y

Even in the midst of all things dark and ugly and sad

~hope is near~




and I still believe.

I believe in Truth and Goodness

I believe in Purpose and His ferocious love

… And even in the darkest of nights


I still believe in Morning.


9 thoughts on “I still believe in Morning

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  1. Just so beautiful.
    You put into words so much of how I feel at this time of this year.
    Thank you.
    Your FMF Neighbour #63

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