(29) Iceland Dreaming… Drinking Deep: A Final Reflection

Iceland dreaming…

and what a dream it’s been.

But as I sit here, knowing this is my final Iceland entry, I’m keenly aware that no words, no pictures, no holding of breath or wishing on a star can ever really describe a waking dream…

yet, a girl’s gotta try, right?

So I sit here hoping desperately that – somehow, some way – the dream of this trip will not vaporize with the morning sun.


So, with that said, here I go:

I never meant for this online journal of mine to become a ‘travel’ log – one of those day to day chronology of events and scenery. I had, from the very beginning, intentioned my Iceland journal to be full of thoughts, reflections, and ideas that might never be ‘captured’ in any other way. 

I guess it’s fitting, then, that I end it with some of those reflections I wrote down halfway through this journey.

. . .


. . .

As we circle this beautiful island, finding adventure, surprises and joy around each and every corner, Chris and I keep hearing the advise of a wise traveller

whispering persistently through the breeze:


“Drink deep.

Take it all in.

Every bit of it.

Be present.

… Drink deep.”


So, I sit now, looking out over this beautiful fiord and breathing in this amazing (three hour long!) Icelandic sunset and I feel time stop. Literally stop. And in this Forever Moment I am keenly aware of this:

As much as I love photography… this trip, these moments of my life, this journal, they are not about getting the perfect shot, or writing the perfect words.

As much as I love reveling in all this grandeur that floods every cell of my being…it’s not about stuffing myself to the gills with the beauty, and dogging for more.

As much as I have loved this last year of planning the “perfect” trip and planning each “perfect” day,

… it is not about the plan,

and it is definitely never about perfection.


What strikes me now is this:

I am smack dab in the middle of living a dream.

With ever fiber of my existence, I know it. Really know it

And that reality boggles my mind more than just a bit… It is rattling me to the core.


There is no way to capture this dream – no pictures, no words, no perfectly designed plan.

It can only be lived.


So many mental snapshots I’ve tucked warm and cuddly into the archives of my memory.

The laughter.

The cool breeze.

The twinkle in Anna’s eye as she presented us with chocolate cake

The patience (and amusement) of Einar to help this aging American woman muddle through a single Icelandic word.

The look of Siggie’s approval and his pat on the shoulder, struggling to communicate through the constraints of language,

-his love for his land.



“Drink deep.”


So many moments are embossed on my heart

Our first midnight sun date night, the puffin’s encore performance just for me, Chris’ comforting hug in a weary meltdown

There is no image

for the spicy after-rain scent of the fragile, fierce arctic hillside.


There is no expression

for the Wonder that floods a heart being surprised again and again around every. single. turn.


There is no seventh sense that can fully embrace the contrasts of this fierce land-

the pulling and tugging of fire and ice,

the light and the dark,

the quiet peace juxtaposed against such rugged, severe beauty.


This trip, this journal, is about seeing with new eyes,

listening with new ears,

and feeling with a new heart.

This journal where I’ve chosen to ‘capture’ a taste of heaven is a crude memorial – but a memorial nonetheless. It is my attempt to remember “lest I forget” that I am loved by an unbelievably amazing Creator – a good, good Father – who loves to give good gifts to his children.

And He does.

All the time.

But more than anything, right now, I am reminded that I am living my dream every day. Everything I have, and all that I am, was once a dream. These dreams haven’t always played out the way I may have been imagined … but they are still the dream. Maybe they were my parents dream for me,

or mine,

or God’s

… but, a dream nonetheless.

Everyday, in the midst of all of its wonderfully messy goodness, I am living a dream.

I live with a man who loves me fiercely, a family that loves each other just as they are, friends who make life rich, a career I love, a country based on freedom, a house filled with contentment … a world still in His hands.


Life itself is the dream.


It is about living



… Drinking in each moment




So, Takk, takk, sweet and fierce Iceland.

Thank you for filling every pore with a thankfulness too big for words,

and beauty too immense to capture

Thank you for helping me find the tender balance between living a dream and recording it

… I did my best to fully live it.

 Thank you for giving me a deep drink of this precious Life.

I will continue to raise my cup, and take a long, long sip.


4 thoughts on “(29) Iceland Dreaming… Drinking Deep: A Final Reflection

Add yours

  1. Oh Jane.. once again and for all time.. it has been a joy to share your joy and a beautiful piece of God’s amazing creation that many of us may not see otherwise. Thank you.. loved especially the pic of you and Chris.. so good.. so full of love.. I love you xox Jeane

  2. beautifully photographed with heartfelt writing —- Thank YOU!

    Pauline (Jeane’s friend who met her in 7th grade at St. Pat’s)

  3. Thank you, sis, for being disciplined and generous with sharing all your Iceland-and living life-in-the-present reflections. xo.

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