(28) Iceland Dreaming … Just when you think it’s over

We left our last Iceland home at 8 am.

We drove through pouring rain, bursts of sunlight and a tunnel that led under the sea for 3 miles.

1923.7 miles we drove – more than twice the Ring Road

… We had come full circle.


At 17:15 (5:15 pm), we left Iceland.

For 7 1/2 hours we flew

and we arrived in Portland


one hour later.

We were no longer “Chasing the Sun,”

we were meeting it

head on.

Starting time over.

Waking up from a dream


… or were we?


All the way home, memories of our trip rose like morning mist spotlighted in the sun’s rays. “Lord, I SO want to keep fresh eyes and new heart when I get home. Please help me keep that part of the vacation alive.”

More than anything, I didn’t want to go back to ‘status quo’ … not after such a vacation as this one.


… And then, “one hour” later,  we are greeted by this guy. Mr. Fresh and New himself.

He calmly announces that our vacation is not over, nor has to be. In fact, we are going to a bed and breakfast!  (our house) and he is going to be our tour guide for the next day and a half.


He continues to inform us that he is in total charge until the end of the next day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – all taken care of – and he is going to take us to some places near and dear to his heart.


Can a mom’s heart get any more full?


He starts the tour with taking us the long way home…

through The Gorge he loves

… and he ends the evening’s tour

with Home.

There’s always that magic moment of coming home – much like seeing a vacation rental for the first time. It’s that moment where for just an instant you see your home with fresh eyes – new eyes – as if you’ve never seen it before. Familiar, but brand new. That moment when you ‘size it up’ like a well-researched Airbnb, and wonder, “What surprises will this place hold? Will it come to feel like home. Could we be content here?”

This time’s ‘coming home’ experience, however, was unlike any other…


As we pull up, our exhaustion is palpable but Brandon’s evening tour is not done yet…

“So, I’ve done a few things around the house, spent a bit of money. I’m not always good with words to express who I am, so I decided to show you. Here. Wait. Let me get things ready for you.”

And then we are led through our new ‘bed and breakfast.’ Our home, revisioned through his eyes.

Each heartfelt, artistic change is explained. Each detail displayed in quiet strength and enthusiasm. New patio lights cast warmth on it all:

“Form and function”… (art with purpose.)

New dishes, new furniture arrangement. Newly created art testifying of time and effort – care and purposeful intention. New lighting. New vision… A new start.



“Lord, I SO want to keep fresh eyes and new heart.”

Could there have been a more perfect answer.


Morning brought sleeping in, homemade jam (!) and deck time.

Afternoon brought a river’s source and soaking

and evening brought us steaks, a stunning sunset and starlight

New eyes. New heart.

We were home.








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