(26) Iceland Dreaming… Journey to the Center of the Earth

New Day. Sunshine gone. Light showers return. And nearly the end of our trip.


Today would be a full journey to the center of the earth… no thinking ahead. No thinking behind. Just soaking in the present and drinking deep.


No better time to walk the neighborhood.


Neighborhood park. Neighborhood sculpture.

A pretty typical neighborhood.

We found a few of these proud artwork displays posted around the neighborhood.

And, yeah, can’t pass up a school yard.


Then, at the end of the neighborhood/town (which was all toll about 3 streets deep and two streets wide) we came to a hiking path!

Sorry no horses though…


This little guy was harmless. (I think he was chirping a warning to us, though, because of what lay ahead.)

Because  what lay/lie? ahead were THESE guys!

Arctic tern mommas.

And they are dive bombing maniacs!

(Not even zoomed in!)

We had to wave our arms, cover our heads, and dodge the incoming.

The ruckus sent us (and their real enemy) packing!

 The nonplussed sheep simply showed up to see what all the fuss was about.


But, honestly, how could you not defend these cute little guys?

Turns out the biggest colony of Arctic terns reside here in the summer. They migrate each year from the South Pole …arriving on the same day every year. I wish I could post the sound they made as they bombed us. It was a cross between a screech, a cackle and ends with a click, click, click – like you are being bombarded with every trick in a mommy’s book to be scared, scolded and mutilized.

Fun times.

(After that experience, I won’t view Hitchcock’s “The Birds” in the same way ever again.)


Heading ’round the last curve of the arctic tern ‘s our neighborhood, we get a chance to see our hood’s coastline:


The tower is a radio tower, once the tallest structure in Europe, erected during WWII (so we were told)


and as we kept walking got to see life through the eye’s of an old ruin

Waking up in the morning… I wonder if they every imagined a town out their window?


Then it was back to homebase, and more adventures for the afternoon, or was it still morning?


We headed to another beach that was used for measuring the strength of prospective sailors. (It later became a leisure activity)

“Big rounded stones are still laid on the shore as testament of the old ways people used to measure their strength, each stone has different weight and the heaviest weight 154 Kg. (That’s 339.5 lbs!) Each stone also has a name. So if you were able to lift a particular stone onto the rock ledge (behind the rocks… which is not has tall as it used to be), then you were called by that rock’s name. Each sailor used to demonstrate his power in order to be hired to work on the ships.”

Not a great picture of these massive stones, but hopefully you ‘get the picture.’

Loved how this looked like a black and white photo all in its natural glory.


Then one more stop for us on this amazing adventure… a play!

I think I mentioned earlier that this Snaefellsjokull peninsula ‘claim to fame’ is that it was the setting of Jules Vernes “Journey to the Center of the Earth” … so this play was a comedy based on that book, adding in more cultural threads along the way.

And here’s the best part… it was performed in Rif,  a small fishing village (even smaller than the one we were at… only 150 people) by a small troupe of professionally/classically trained actors/singers at a working hostel!

There were only about 40 seats max (stools), and we sat in the back because Chris doesn’t like to block others view. At least we thought we were sitting in the back, but turns out the play was performed in a 360 degree mode (hence the stools), and so half the time we were front row! I didn’t want to take too many pictures. Just couldn’t be “that” guy. So I only snuck in a few that I thought would not be intrusive.

Taking a journey in their ‘ship’ to get to the volcano which they would soon descend.


There were 4 main adult actors and then about 10 kids. It was 3 acts long. Each time an act changed, we were ushered out into the bar area while they changed the stage setting. When we came back for the 2nd act, all of our seating had been changed! We were all now seated across from each other lengthwise, spanning the room, with curtains at our backs opening up the center to be the ‘stage’ between us.

(Act 2) Heading down to the center of the earth

I wish I had gotten a shot of Act 3, because when we were ushered out after the second act, we were told that the third act we would be standing! (but it would be short). Sure enough, we went back in and now all the actors are standing on an island (our stools) and we were told to mill around encircling them. (All of the children actors were in fun sea creature costumes.) As the play ensued, the main actor was looking all around pointing out all that they were seeing with their scopes (attached with lasers). Then he abruptly stops, “Look! Over there! Do you see it? An old man!” (and points to Chris!… who waves. 🙂 ) … He’s my old man, folks. It’s official now. 🙂

But then, it’s obvious that the play is coming to its conclusion and all of a sudden all the child actors are milling all around us. One comes up to me and starts herding me onstage! Wait, what?! No! But there was no stopping it. Then I noticed we were all being herded on stage! The play ends with the actors all singing a song to us. A funny song, A moving song. A magical night. Truly magical. All of our adventures wrapped up in the arms of wonderful Icelandic comedy musical.

Perfect night.

Perfect trip.


One more day to begin the “winding down.”





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  1. oh Jane.. so delightful.. I’ve not caught up with all your musings due to our own lovely trip but Its a joy when I get to… Much love.. traveling with you and Chris and seeing y our photos is pure blessing Thanks, Hugs, big sis, Jeane

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