(25) Iceland Dreaming… part 2…again

Leaving the visitor center we came upon this guy stacking a cairn.

and maybe even leaving us this wonderful piece


But we couldn’t stop and join him because we were hungry! So we were off to redeem yet another “two days for one”  deal. Man, I love Iceland.


Heading down the road we found another place to park (need I say, with a view), roll out the sandwich making assembly line, and eat our now famously familiar ham sandwich.

Then for a walk. Pure awesomeness.

Not a bad view for a late lunch… 🙂

And this lay/lie/sat/… WAS on the other side of our car picnic lunch. Ready and waiting for us to stroll.

No docks to walk out to your boat! Wait… what?!

See the fisherman?

This fisherman (above) was waiting on ice from this forklift operator (below). He didn’t have to wait long. Geez! This guy was FAST! Scary fast. Get-out-of-the-way-but-you-don’t-really-have-to-worry-cuz-he-knows-exactly-where-you-are-and-isn’t-worried-about-you-in-the-least fast.

Meanwhile …

the seagulls are nesting right around the corner…

The glacier still sleeps behind her veil…

And it was time for home.




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