(24) Iceland Dreaming … Once upon a time

Part one, who am I kidding. I already know this will be a two parter! Ha.


Woke up to sunshine! And saw the glacier, Snaefellsjokull, out front. Five minutes of beautiful glory!

Then she retreated behind her mountain-made cloud curtain for the rest of our stay. (Just as well, don’t think I could have handled the camera taking frenzy that would have ensued at every turn. 🙂 )


As it was, this area (and day) brought sights, sun and all things spectacular all their own (and the camera-taking frenzy was fully frenzied.)

Starting with a way cool visitor’s center. (Which is saying a lot when it’s sunshiny outside!)


And how can a teacher resist a display meant to teach kids?


… and if you really want to geek out, I found the daily life stuff so interesting, but I wanted to get outside. So I grabbed these shots to read later. ( Your welcome (or not) 🙂 )

Ouch! Poor girl.


Turns out this peninsula is where most of the Icelandic Saga originated, so yeah, had to take a shot of one of those (to read later. 😉

But then on to the outside blue and the see-for-yourself stuff.

And yikes how much stuff to see just outside the museum’s door. ! (Warning: photo congestion ahead.)


Right behind us this beauty:

An old zipline!


And to the left and up over a small rise THIS:


And just when you really think you have seen it all, you stumble on an old shack. Turns out it’s an “exihbition” that was totally done by kids/students. Please someone get out the salve for these bruises I have – too many pinches to remind myself I’m not dreaming.

Trolls and elves. Elves and trolls. The folklore is immersed in them.

Best tiny museum ever.

Still walking the grounds, we headed toward the pinnacles. They are said to be the remains of an old volcano.

Along the way, I realized that I wanted to document some of the flora I was seeing. Tough plants these arctic plants.

This arctic turf is so, so, spongy fluffy.

And then Chris braved the side of a precarious hill to get me a flower shot. What a sweetheart.

and here it is. ❤

Yep, not even lunch time yet.



I told you this was a two parter.


















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  1. Wow, this part of your travels definitely looks like a teacher’s dream come true! Every shot along this path seems incredibly captivating! No wonder your camera was clicking away, Jane!

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