(22) Iceland Dreaming… Rain? Part two

With one hour to spare, we got Chris to his motorcycle museum. And I went down the road to do some more exploring on my own on this “rain, rain, rain” day. Ha. (Not that I would have minded seeing the motorcycles, but alas, the museum required a bit more cash than this casual uninformed onlooker wanted to pay and, well, … solo exploring as an alternative? It was a no brainer.)

And since this is Chris’s trip too, in the spirit of all things fair I will share about his motorcycle museum adventure.And try to find out what’s cool about them:)

(We joke that he’s on MY vacation, because Iceland wasn’t exactly top on his bucket list. Um, probably not even in the bucket at all.)





This is an Ariel Square Four. (I guess it has a cool engine.   🙂 )






A rotary engine in a motorcycle…. whaaat?  Hercules Wankel





The “pioneer of urban mobility”  Matchless 






Then there is this cool one, that Chris insists anyone who is anyone will know about. Ha!

History 101: Henderson Motorcycles

And back to the basics… my Harley man meets his ride’s beginnings.

Then there is this lovely

… finally, a motorcycle this novice can truly appreciate!


In the meantime, while my hubby is loving his exploration, I set off to explore down the road…

and in looking for a picnic spot, I found me a school!


What school doesn’t need one of these in its backyard?! (I imagine it would make after school programs a breeze!)


But even better… check out this “Jungle gym”!! The Vikings would be proud.

I approached these ladies enjoying this beautiful summer day. I explained to them that I am a teacher and I was wondering what kind of school this was. Was it just for young kids or… In broken English, they explained that it was for all the grades, for all the kids in this valley.

In the distance, is just some apartments in this block long ‘hub’ of camping, local swimming pool, ‘football’ fields, disc golf and school. This grouping of activity gatherings seemed to be common in Iceland.

Looking back at the school.


And a summer casualty… abandoned and left for dead, or for the elves maybe. Wonder what the story to mom and dad was?


If you look down toward the river, behind the school and swimming pool, you’ll find this ‘football’ stadium… a big deal here.


And then back to the car to go pick up my hubby, I snuck a couple more shots of these kiddos. But I’m gonna have to air some ‘dirty laundry’ here. In all my sneaking, I was finally caught. And mama bear came after me.

“Please, do not take pictures of my children.”

Red-handed. I think I may have even lifted my hands in surrender. Seriously. As I back pedaled and diffused immediately in remorse.

“I am so sorry. I understand. I am a mother myself. Here, watch me, I will delete the pictures.”  She softened, as I opened my phone and began the process while continuing to apologize.

“I am a teacher from America.I am soooo sorry. I really do understand.  I was just getting pictures of the school with children in it.”

At this point, she softened some more and with hand and face gestures told me it was okay. I did not need to delete. She appreciated that I was so understanding, and began to ask me questions about where I taught.

“Oregon. They have good wine there. It is on my list for bucket.”

Attack avoided. Lesson learned: Momma bears are momma bears everywhere and I just need to be sneakier…

I am SOOO just kidding!

Thank you Iceland Mommy. Your children, and you, are beautiful.


Then with Chris back in tow, since it was our last day in Akureyri, seemed appropriate to finally walk the downtown.

Tempting to watch a flick here.

Downtown walked. Check. Just a quick walk because mostly we just wanted to get back ‘home’… and what better end to this amazing part of the trip than Chris grilling Icelandic hotdogs.

Goodnight and goodbye, Akureyri.

You will be forever remembered.



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