(21) Iceland Dreaming … Rain?

Today was going to be our rainy museum day. Ha!

Ain’t no way we’re spending it inside!


But mornings always start with binoculars.

And check this monster out, all the way from Malta! 2000 passengers and 1000 staff. (Yep, Chris is still doing his research. 🙂 )

(The above ships might have come in the night before… because we only noticed two at any one time. But, no matter, they come and go quicker than they should and this puppy ruled the fjord this day. For sure!)


Then we were off, up the other side of the valley, with a quick stop at a flower/tree research “museum.”

More like a park actually, being that is free (unheard of!). They use this place to test seeds and plants for hardiness in their climate, trying to find more trees that can be used in their reforestation and selling those that are being grown here.

I keep having to remind myself that in these parts, these trees are the main attraction! But check out the size of the flowers and leaves. Chris is not trying to make them look big… they are huge!


And, as usual, gotta try to sneak pics when I can. They put this tractor in the ‘park’ for kids to play on. Love it.

This does not show the bigness of this tree. But it is probably their main pride and joy.


But enough ‘staged’ beauty, we were itching to get back to our valley and explore the other side.

Everywhere in Iceland: beautiful feisty horses, roaming sheep,  and plastic bundled hay.

Look closely. Do you see the huge Malta cruise liner in the distance? Such a study in contrast, this Iceland.

Personal door to barn door garbage truck service.


And check this out. It may not be Smith Rock, but I think it would do in a pinch or handhold crevice as the case may be.          (Do you see the peeps below? A dad teaching his sons to rock climb.)

And then we just had to get out and roam where the sheep roam. Them make a pretty good trail!

Then we headed back… because, it was our last day in Akureyri and there were museums to see, and we hadn’t even walked the town!

So yes… another “part two” to this amazing day coming up.




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