(20) Iceland Dreaming… Don’t count on the weather.

According to local weather, today was going to be cloudy, and tomorrow would have the chance for the most rain.

No problem. We’ve already lived this dream to its very fullest, and we ain’t no complaints. Not even one.

But we did think this “cloudy only” day would be good to see a cool fishing village around the corner, and tomorrow’s “rain, rain, rain” day would be good for some museums. Plan set. Wheels in motion.

But there’s never any hurry here up this way, (unless you’re trying to get to the supermarket before they close here at 6:30 … then you’d better hurry cuz closing time is like Costco at Christmas!)

Soooo after taking time for our morning eye-candy diet of whales (!) and cruise ships,

and throwing together our breakfast of “Skyr” (Iceland yogurt) granola, fruit and hard boiled eggs and toast, we headed out to sightsee around a more northern coastline into a new fjord (about an hour away).

We were coming up from Dalvik (from Akureyri), and going to land in Siglufjordur… Do you see those tunnels?! There were 3 of them. (Two were 4.2 miles long each! And the first one was only one way! with pullouts on only one direction, dotted along the way.) And let me tell you,  playing car leap frog in the dark tunnel is not for wimps… especially since there are no initial directions, so the learning curve at the beginning of the tunnel is a nail biter!

But we survived, and made it to the other side…

“Clouds only” Ha! …

That’s me donning a long $.99 special poncho, fighting the pelting rain, checking out the ski jump/bicycle jump/slip ‘n’ slide this village created for their youth.

… which earned me a potty break and pastry.

Then we forged ahead and still managed to see some sights, and take some pics

Did I mention it was raining?

This time it was Chris’ turn to brave the rain and get the real shot… then play with settings to make it even more cool.

Ahoy Matey! (cuz I can’t think of anything cool a Viking sailor would say! Ha!)

Cruising the streets we saw some more building art

and made sure we braved more rain to honor these brave men

~ a memorial to all their men lost at sea~

Seemed like a fitting end of our tour.


 Feeling very squishy, and ready to soak in much warmer water, we leaped frogged our way back home

which, turns out, stayed only cloudy all day. 🙂


No complaints though. Not even one.



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