(17) Iceland Dreaming … A time for every purpose

Akureyri – a time for resting.


I have to explain first that there is one singular moment in all my yearlong vacation planning that I both dread and embrace with dream-meets-reality excitement, expectation, hope and throw in just a touch of angst.

That is the moment we enter the town

drive down the street,

park our car in the driveway

and then turn the key.

All that time planning and hoping and it boils down to these series of moments.


I wish I could adequately describe the sweet joy and breath of gratitude that fill my lungs every time, to find yet another gift that is  everything I hoped it would be… and this house in Akureyri was so much more.


Over and over I caught myself doing a whole bunch of heart skipping, silently squealing, deep sighing thanks in a glow that never left.

I mean seriously look at this place!


Yep, that there is a hot tub!


And the first thing Chris asks me, “So this is our place to rest, right?”


Yes, and amen.

We didn’t need to go or do another thing.


Not a bad view at 11:30 pm!


This is the extent of the night lights. 🙂



“It’s a long way to Akureyri…”

So glad we arrived.


(here’s the song reference… I know you’re wondering)








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