(14) Iceland Dreaming … “As is” (Part two)

It goes to say that two days to see a place, during a road trip is not a ideal, especially when the first day is traveling, hassling and mac and cheesing in exhaustion.

But new days, bring new beginnings and we knew we had to visit our Bokakaffi again as customers rather than desperate travelers.

Traditional Icelandic pastry on the right (kleina) and a “Wienna” roll on the left (Danish)… I think it’s supposed to be Vienna, but they spelled it Wienna. Maybe on purpose? Since they got out from under Danish rule, Olaf said they like to goodheartedly ‘bash’ the Danes when they can. 🙂

This little guy came in doggin’ for some donuts. “Dooouughnot,  Dooouughnot,Dooouughnot,” tap, tap, tap. “Dooouughnot, Dooouughnot Dooouughnot.” Kids are kids the world ’round.

… and Grandma’s too (especially when they’re the bakers!)


Then off we go to another sightseeing whirlwind of awesomeness… up to the city overlook, then over to a new fjordur,


I have no idea what this says, but it looks cool, doesn’t it?

This man is the grandson of the Eypor (below)… He is carrying on the tradition of his “Afi” (grandpa) in naming a new brew of his own after his Grandpa.

It was really nice to have a burger again. (And the ribs were yummy too.) We also managed to eat before it began to rain.

Then it was off to see some musical domes constructed above the city that are built to make some specific Icelandic tones resonate somehow… but had to stop for this beauty on the way.

Don’t think we got them “working” they way they should, (but I never sounded so good, and Amazing Grace never sounded so pretty. 🙂 )


Check out someone who might know what they’re doing.

There definitely was a “sweet spot” where you could almost whisper and it sounded amplified and in surround sound. And one time, Chris and I were in separate domes, and he said it sounded like my voice was in his head. (Sounds like a great Wifey kind of place to me! )

Then we headed back to Thorstein’s and our “dryer” … (We were certain they’d be a soaking mess with the rain that had passed our way that day). But no, they were dry! and we clambered to keep them that way. (Five minutes later, the sky opened up. I think Someone is looking after us these days. 🙂 )

All in all, it was one hecka lotta fun in our “as is” home.


Takk, takk Thorstein!



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  1. What a great wrap-up, Sis! And one final word on the subject:”DoughNUTS!” “DOUGHnuts!” I want MORE “DOUGHNUTS”! 😏

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