(8) Iceland Dreaming… Day Whatever. Let me check the sun.

Had our first real night’s sleep (because of Anna’s blackout shades!) However, the shades don’t help tell the time in the middle of the night though, ’cause light bursts through all around them. I find myself making sure I sleep with my phone next to me (which I never do at home) just so I can check where my sleep cycle should be when I stir awake at night! So weird. I never knew how dialed in to the sun’s cycle I am. I cannot even imagine living here when it never rises. We asked Olaf about living in the darkness… She said the nation’s “happy” index always rates very high. Good cost of living, family ties, job satisfaction etc… but even still, the suicide rate is high and so “Yes, I think the darkness is hard.”

Anyway, our day cycles these days seem to be this kind of rhythm: one day go until the wee hours of in the morning, then sleep in and have a lazyish day the following day – marked with drinking in all the beauty and ‘normal’ sleeping times –  followed the next day with an all day and all nighter again. My body clock is beyond broken. (Jet lag will be a breeze for me now.) Makes me appreciate the rising and setting of the sun simply for my health.

But it also makes me SO appreciative for the extra daylight now: there is never the nagging rush to see or do things before it’s dark. Makes for a fuller than full experience.

Sections of time start to feel like added days, blending into one big glorious lump of a two week day…  a series of blessings heaped up, pressed down, toppling over each other.

(In fact, this series of pics was one of those “sections of times, an ‘added’ day that I’d actually forgotten was a part of the last post’s “hecka long day” … )

After the waterfall we also headed for a small hike up a valley to a local “hot pot.”


Just up this valley and around the corner…

Pay dirt! Oh yeah.

Is it time for bed yet?

Hmm… not sure.

Let me check the sun.

Nope, not yet.



2 thoughts on “(8) Iceland Dreaming… Day Whatever. Let me check the sun.

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  1. such fun Sis.. thank you for doing this! such a beautiful place and adventure! I am off with our Ziggy for a beach morning walk before dog curfew starts at 9:00 Not sure how I would cope with 24 /7 daylight! Loving you xox Jeane We leave for redwoods Thurs. a.m. xox Jeane

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