(7) Iceland Dreaming… Another hecka full new day

So lest you think things are all rosy and cheery…

I lost my journal last night.

I was using it for everything – notes, thoughts, sketching, even grocery lists – all documenting snapshots of me and it blended into the shopping cart … sigh, and that’s all it took. It had been a present, so it had a heart string attached. We went back to the store in the morning. Gone.

I let it sting for a minute. Then remembered that in my own way I’d honor the giver’s spirit and “Deal with it… ’cause that’s what I do.” I had done my “due diligence” in trying to find it and now I could let it go.

So, before we left for our next adventure further east, I took Chris to check out a playground I’d spied earlier on my morning walk.

Good choice to lift the spirit.


Not sure how this skatepark would excite our American kiddos… but can’t beat the view!

And right across the street was this cool park. The day before in pouring rain the park was crammed. Now, on this beautiful day? Not so much. Weird.

And by far the coolest addition to any park! This zipline was the bomb! (Is that still a current saying?)

Yep, don’t really care… ’cause it was!

And just like that, we said our goodbyes to Reykjavik

and were on our way to “The Garage” and Anna, Siggy and Einar.


Goodbye Reykjavik.


Hello Ring Road.


Had to stop for these Icelandic beauties. Short, squatty… and so stinkin’ cool! We even got to see one with its rider doing its famous “tolt” gait (insert two dots over that o) … Oh for some more time and a lot more horse sense!

They are supposedly very sweet with humans. But they always seemed feisty with each other.

Here’s a site if you want to learn more.





And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we got to our next (two night) destination, “The Garage”

and met the owners Anna and Siggy and their son, Einar. For twenty five years, this has been their working dairy farm.

Our own private waterfall! Can you say heaven?

Next year to be Einar’s house.


(You know you were curious.)

Then, what do you do with a “couple hours” of sunlight to spare and renewed adrenaline?

Go check out another waterfall of course.

And the ever present, everywhere sheep.







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  1. SO sorry about the journal, but you are a fantastic writer and pulled everything together for all of us waiting on your next blog.

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