(6) Iceland Dreaming… Last day in Reykjavik

Our third and last day in Reykjavik.


Woke up after our late night excursion not in any big hurry. At all.

Love those kind of vacations. Enjoying it, living it, soaking it all in without agendas or have to’s.

And going to a foreign country adds all the more fun:

Figuring out the gas station.

Conferencing together over washing machines that need 2 hours, and dryers even more! (What the heck?! ย ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Wandering the aisles of a grocery store, asking strangers for very important advice, “Is this butter?” And hearing their kind reply, “No, this is the one you want. All very good Icelandic churned. I am glad you did not buy that one, it is for, er, to melting and frying.”

But sometimes you ask for things, like sour cream, and they are not quite sure but maybe…. and so you just go for it anyway.

It’s always an adventure.

Local grocery store

Weย hope this is sour cream.


After “chores,” (and leaving our churning dryer), we drove a bit to check out some more sights.

This structure, The Pearl, is a Reykjavik landmark and sits on top of 6 hot water storage tanks. It is an observation/restaurant/museum/money maker.

We decided we’d pass the $30 entrance fee and enjoy the views from “down under.”


The best part of this afternoon’s excursion, though, was stumbling onto my first official Icelandic “hot pot” of the vacation. Right on the Atlantic Ocean! What a find.

If you look closely at the first photo and this poster, you can see that there is a ring in the ocean’s lagoon that is supposed to be a hot tub (pumped from the sitting pool, I guess)… yeah, no. Maybe a warm waft here and there, but that thar water was cold!

“Take the frigging picture, Chris!”

And so the day came and went.


p.s … the mystery sour cream turned out to be sour cream! Wonders never cease. Our burrito was mostly happy (Not completely though. Just couldn’t bring myself to spring for a $6 avocado!)

Good night, moon. Good luck chasing the sun.

Hmmm… that brings up a question: Does the moon do weird things up here as well?

All I know, is now I have TWO lights to keep me awake! ๐Ÿ˜‰



4 thoughts on “(6) Iceland Dreaming… Last day in Reykjavik

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  1. Soooo, I didn’t get it… Was the hot spot trough tub-like pool you were in not really hot after all?? Because the poster u referred w the hot spot circle in its center didn’t match the rectanglar shaped hot tub trough like pool ou were sitting in w other folks…. ?&?!

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