(4) Iceland Dreaming … Day 2, I think

You’d think after 24 hours and a couple hours of sleep I’d have been pooped! But the adrenal gland is a sly one, and coupled with no darkness to signal the off button, I found myself wide awake at midnight, looking around at our Reykjavik digs, amazed at the day and the sweetness of a God who cares about my Icelandic dream. I mean seriously, check this place out! A bit of heaven… no doubt about it.

Top floor

Don’t let the wide angle fool you. Picture it small. But still picture it perfect.



Gotta love a place that sits right in a neighborhood and lets you feel a part of it: folks walking their cats(! ), Grandpa waving goodbye to his bicycling little one, an ancient window cleaner on a matching lean-to ladder… and a stove that requires 2 solid days to figure out. And here is the scene I went to bed to:

That is, after we tried to figure out what the heck we were supposed to do with the Icelandic style of sheets (zipped to enter like a sleeping bag) or a comforter that seriously so fluffed and weighted it needed a warning label for possible suffocation! Luckily there were two other (more typical) individual bed cocoon-looking comforters and although I would have sold my creamer ha, for some blackout blinds, we slept like infamous logs.

The previous morning on the tour, I had asked Olof when it might be best to avoid as many tourists as possible. She answered, “Tourists like early morning.” So, yeah, we slept in, and we lazed around, and we were in no hurry the next morning. We had our Icelandic yogurt with granola, planned our eventual day and while Chris took a lingering jet lag nap, I went on a stroll through the neighborhood:

That’s our place somewhere over there.

Love the sodded garage.

A big part of Icelandic culture are their pools. Almost every day, before work or after, they go to their local swimming pools to unwind. This one was on my walk so I grabbed a pic.

Then just as I was about to go check out a neighborhood park, an afternoon squall struck hard. Got me giggling (and jogging) and back to a waking husband a lot quicker! Which was great, because taking Olof’s advice about early tourists, our day was just about to begin… 4 pm!

… time for tasting the original and iconic Icelandic hotdog, then hitting the Golden Circle (a drive where nature is at its best! and fingers crossed, without the usual busloads of tourists !)

And so as to not leave you in suspense, the plan was a HUGE success!

First, though, we had to hit downtown again to find the original 1932 hotdog stand. And we maneuvered our way through the streets again like pros (thanks Olof!)

I LOVE this city!

We saw this poor guy walking the streets along the way. I think he was looking for his wife in the crowd.

She was apparently looking for him too… but found me instead!

Reykjavik is museum rich!

They have museums for everything! (And yes, this is a real museum. And no, we didn’t go there. Ha! I actually thought it would be a kick! Chris replied, “How would you like going to a Vagina museum?” I see his point. 😉 )

Chris took this pic. Need I say more?

Caption, anyone?

The Elf apparently struck again. Found another figurine.

And then we found our destination!

What makes them different? (Taken from another’s blog):

“The ingredient of the hot dog is interesting. While most hot dogs in the world are made out of pork or beef, the hot dogs here are made from lamb meat.

The sauces and sides are also something to shout bravo for! You can have a hot dog with homemade crispy onions and sweet mustard, along with raw onion, ketchup and remoulade. The ketchup is actually made from apples instead of glucose, which makes it so nice and kinda sweet!”


Anyway, first part of our “day” was a success, but now we were on to what I’d been dreaming about: Iceland’s natural beauty!




The internet here is sloth slow with uploading pics, so those pics tomorrow I hope

(with less narration.)











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  1. Okay, regarding your request for “caption anyone?” re Mr Chris and Mr Stoic Statue Man, alongside him, how about this one: “Waiting on a Woman”? 👏🙇😏😀

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