Against all the Odds

“I didn’t know what I was getting into.”

How many times, and for how many things, could I say that?

How many things I would never have done… had I known.

How many days would have been less full?

So I have to wonder: what if not knowing is the point?

The point when we determine – no matter what – life is worth living.


What if diving in is the secret?

the secret to collecting deep in the heart

every hope and dream

every heart ache and wandering,

every prayer and hard earned scar

and waking up like from a stupor – drenched –

in over your head

only to hear Life whisper,

“You’re right. You didn’t know what you got yourself into

… but I did. And I do.

And that alone has got to be enough for you right now.”

What if knowing Who,  is all that is needed to tear down the power of “what”

finally free to exhale all the scary What ifs


– against all odds –

inhale his Peace



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