If only…

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And there they were,

~ a gathering of clouds ~

spread perfectly above a slice of sky … a window to the universe.


Precisely aligned to reflect the beauty of the rising sun, these puffs of vapor were destined for greatness,

designed for magnificence

and clearly meant to become an unparalleled sunrise.





Not even a fizzle.


In clamoring for a better view of Sun’s entrance, they squeezed shut the slice of sky



elbowing their way to a better seat.

Loyal only to themselves, they tripped over ambition and became a huddled mass

closing down

even a hint of Heaven’s window

that would have transformed them into Beauty beyond themselves.




Earth kept on spinning

and Sun rose behind a muddle of grey

and this bramble of darkening fluff just kept on shoving and pushing and crowding out Light’s magic

oblivious to the greatness they could have become.


… If only they had known.



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10 thoughts on “If only…

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  1. Jane, this line is so lovely: “Loyal only to themselves, they tripped over ambition and became a huddled mass

    closing down

    even a hint of Heaven’s window

    that would have transformed them into Beauty beyond themselves.” I love how you personified the clouds. Keep writing poetry and capturing the lightness of God’s freedom and art. Visiting from FMF:)

  2. a beautiful way to start my day… lovely sis… as always..yes,,, the messages of clouds…God speaks to us in so many ways… thank you xoxo Your Sis Jeane, one of your biggest fans xoxo

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