in the settling of the dust


the dust has settled now

particles of Life strewn through space

finding rest

on window sills

and piano benches

and picture frames that speak of a different time

when the dust was first kicked


into Clouds of Life

that followed little boys dressed in ninja gear

and cowboy hats

and dreams too big to hold

racing into summer nights

piled high with sleeping bags and shooting stars

darting through ping pong marathons

and “Happy Shakes” and treks along the railroad tracks

_ _ _ … ~~~ —- _ _ .. ~~ —. _ ~ —

. . . . . . . .

Grains of childhood gone too soon

quiet now

finding rest

in the settling

of dust


A Field of Wild Flowers (Small Wonder)

Tell His Story

Coffee for you Heart,

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Five Minute Fridays

Let Us Walk Worthy


7 thoughts on “in the settling of the dust

Add yours

  1. Yes, we’re going thru a similar season…
    Now grandchildren prance and dance video around us, bake and garden with us, and yearn and plan to be with us… 😎

  2. We’re deep in the stirring up dust days of young kids, but I feel the pang of transition ahead. Enjoy each moment, that’s the only salve I know. Thanks for sharing your reflection with #SmallWonder.

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