An Empty Canvas


“Just write” they say,

“Just put your pen to paper, your fingers to keypad ” they urge.


“Your heart will end up in the ink of new discovery,” they tell me…


I suppose it’s true.

I suppose words are created in action that becomes thought

and I suppose maybe even the opposite is true:

thought becomes action


ah yes, the infamous chicken or the egg


So I write and I grow

I yammer on until beauty or Truth

or both

find Life on the page



~ lukewarm coffee

~ muffled chimes

~ distant highway trucks

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.18.34 PM


~ the falling of pine needles

~ the deep clearing cough of Chris at the sink

~ the kneading urgency of Tiger, demanding the attention due his royalty


the beautiful Ordinary of a lazy Saturday morning



Life penned in ink

finding worth

on an empty canvas.


Linking up with A Field of Wild Flowers (Small Wonder)

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.03.25 AMand Tell His Story

Coffee for you Heart,

Thought-Provoking Thursdays

Literacy Musing Mondays


4 thoughts on “An Empty Canvas

  1. Lovely, Jane! You beautifully capture the way writers need to be good observers of their days. Thank you for this engaging word. Happy writing! 😊 💕

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