Hope’s Blush


An alarm woke me from my sleep today.

No bells or whistles or unwanted blares… instead a quiet inner alarm

timed to the sunlight hitting the tree outside my bedroom window.


I flopped back to grab another hour’s dream, but the shimmer of tree’s reflected light played into my thoughts…

It took me a minute to realize that the sun’s lighting on the trees outside my window was somehow wrong.

Not bright enough,

Not high enough

and not even late enough for the usual peeking sun

… What the heck?!


So I tumbled out of the tangled sheets, and scrounged the floor for sneaky slippers and crumpled robe

and stumbled quickly to the kitchen and mystery of this new day.


And Morning waited for me there

like a child that cannot hide her surprise






There through the kitchen window

unveiled a blaze of beauty


unfurling in clouds painted in the brilliance of pinks and tangerinesIMG_1008

lavenders and burnt umbers

An explosion of color on the canvas of expectant clouds


Swirling wisps of perfection

set on the background of the most beautiful, tranquil, turquoise wash I have ever seen. My heart stopped…





like the clouds.


And I ran.


I ran out to be part of it all somehow.


Slipper footed in winter, snow clinging to my robe

face toward heaven

twirling in my driveway


laughing at the crazy freedom of feeling like a child again twirling in circles

arms stretched wide grabbing to hold

every color

of every memory


in every God-brushed cloud

And then I saw it – the morning tree outside my bedroom window – reflecting light. But this wasn’t the reflection of any ol’ sun ray of any ol’ sunrise…

No, my morning tree was reflecting the tender pink of a single cloud’s blush


And there I stopped.

Struck still.

Laid out in silent wonder,

and I started listening,

a song birds belting out her urgent song,

a distant rooster heralding his daily charge,

wind playing chase through frost-nipped leaves…

A moment of life taking notice

My life taking notice


I knew soon the magic would be gone

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 7.08.02 AM

the clouds would shed their glory,

and the songbird’s melody would get lost with the rooster’s in the wakening swell of morning traffic and Sun’s well worn path

But here’s what I know:

For one small moment this morning

Time stopped

Beauty reigned

Peace ruled

and I stood

standing in the middle of my driveway

with heart pried wide open


I think I felt Hope’s blush

shimmering pink

on my face.


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6 thoughts on “Hope’s Blush

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  1. Oh Jane.. I felt with you totally.. how lovely how special.. a gift your morning was .. a gift to me… I’ve shared it… YOU on facebook xoxo I love you, Big sister, Jeane

  2. We have had some similar sunrises here too, it’s so fun to watch the light moving across the yard and house. Thanks for sharing all of these lovely images.

  3. Almost 9 mo later! We are so lucky to have these beautiful sights right in our own front/back yards and especially when they trigger wonderful times and fond memories.

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