Focused on Home

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Hide and Seek.

We played it for a lifetime.



into the long summer nights

we raced

spurred on to the Perfect Spot

against miscounted seconds

and out-of-step frenzy

and Hope counting down to Time’s hurried shout,

“Ready or not!”

Stopped frozen, we waited.

I don’t remember all the ins and outs

of places I hid,

or times I froze,

or how I held my breath so tight.


But oh

I remember those nights flying like the wind

when no one but Ollie and his oxen and me

stampeded free…

~ A true Winner’s Parade ~

and a heart focused only on home.




6 thoughts on “Focused on Home

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  1. wrote you a comment and it wouldn’t post for some reason.. love your piece Jane… You have ” a way with words” gifted, I’d say. “Spurred on to the perfect spot” such fun to remember those times… Reminds me of times ( before you were born!) when I could add noise to finding that perfect spot because my girlfriend was deaf (-; Keep up the writing Jane.. you inspire me! Hugs, Jeane

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