When the sun rose today…


When the sun rose today,

there was no fanfare


No holding of the breath

No dazzling colors

…No facefook photos

Nothing like the last few days when

jaws dropped and Hallelujahs rang

and spirits soared beyond their dreams




Today the clouds stayed at bay

Today the earth welcomed the sun without ringing anyone’s bells

Today was an endless sky of whitewashed Ho hum


Icy clear

… A boring yawn


Just another sunrise

in the endless Sea of Mundane


Just a small heavenly orb


spinning toward the Sun at 1040 miles per hour


racing toward Spring, clocking in at 67,062 mph

twirling around a nuclear explosion 93,000 miles away yet held firm


glued likes ants to a wall

suctioned by a quiet force pulling strong

deep within Earth’s belly


Ho hum


Just another beginning putting stars to sleep

and dressing warm the day in blue


Silly me

…I was hoping for something special


Joining with Thought-Provoking Thursdays, Tell His Story, and Five Minute Fridays, Lisha, Missional Women, and Still Saturdays

Big shout outs to hongkiat wallpapers and their photo artists: sanmonku, hameed, missstrublingstorm



7 thoughts on “When the sun rose today…

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  1. Oh Jane.. yes I too rejoice in the sun..no hum hum smile about it (-; and in the midst of the shadows that tempt us now towards discouragement…I will keep looking to the Son for His warmth and direction…as always…loved this When the Sun Rose Today xoxo Jeane

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