For Keeps


The alarm sounds, but it’s muffled by my earplugs. Slowly, I stumble through the fog of dreams, reaching for Awake. Somehow this morning, it seems to allude me.

Nothing seems real when dreams won’t be put to sleep.

The sky is clothed in a blanket of gray… there will be no sunrise today. No sun rays to bring their hope. No color to fill the heart.

Today will be a day of fighting for Truth. The Truth that lay beyond the day to day trudge of sameness – my own branded blanket of gray.

Yet the reality is

… oh who am I fooling: I don’t know the reality beyond my nose.

I don’t know what pulls at my heart, or what boogey man breathes outside my door trying to blow my house down.

I don’t even know what set of clothes I’m going to wear today.

The Truth is:

I’m being carried on His shoulders just like before.

In the wow of Sun’s rising, or in the blanket of muddled-up gray, the love of my sweet Nazarene keeps on keeping on…

carrying me the same.


this day

this now,

and every now after…

I am His for keeps.



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6 thoughts on “For Keeps

  1. How do you even manage to talk about putting your foggy dreams to sleep when you’re still wiping Sandman crud from your eyes, girl? That’s what I wanna know… But Im the coyote girl still howling at the moon aglow at 3am the nite before while serious zzzz’s are still filling you up some more….

  2. indeed nothing feels real when dreams ( or nightmares) won’t be put to sleep .Come Lord Jesus come…I know you are already here but remind me you are carrying me… Thanks for my sisters who love me too Good work Jane… xoxo Jeane

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