Thankfulness –

The art of slowing down
The discipline of capturing the swirling tides of
Have To’s and “Shoulds” and riding herd on them
with smiles and laughter




Thankfulness –

The power of selfless control
and the victory of taking Time by slippery grasp to

notice it

calm it

and push it back

for some much needed Do Overs


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Thankfulness –

The inner strength to tackle the ticking of the clock

to be willing to


Drop to our knees


see the rock

Roll away

 wrapped in the Truth of an empty grave … and Thank full nests

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6 thoughts on “Thankfulness

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  1. Aaaah, a great reminder, sis!
    Right now I’m enjoying a slowed down weekend with my sweet husband.. For now, basking in the sun on our back deck, reading a book aloud to one another… 🙂

  2. I feel the calm too… lovely.. .even in the midst of a bit of busy-ness…there is a stillness wrapped in gratitude and ribboned with love.. and the memories…yes the memories Thanks Sis… beautiful reflections….xoxo I love you, Jeane

  3. As always, thank you, Jane, for sharing your meditative thoughts with us…. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours. We’ll be celebrating ours Sat w the Lees & Kathy (sans her fam, who will be joining Keith’s fam w/o her this Thanksgiving)…

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