Dear Mama Deer,


Dear Mama Deer,

Today, I’m not particularly thankful for you.

Today, you invaded my garden paradise. And nibbled. Again.

Today, you didn’t take much. You never do. You graze from plant to plant. Here a munch, there a munch. Everywhere a munch, crunch.

No you didn’t take much, but dagnabbit! you took all the new growth. You sheered the budding flowers, the tender beginnings, the baby lettuce, and cropped the carrot’s waving glory and chopped the brocolli’s hope.

You disregarded the barricades and rammed past the obstacles. You stomped and chomped and didn’t even remotely try to hide your scavenge!

… Harsh and contemptible nibbling it was.

And honestly, I would sacrifice my garden’s life for yours, if there wasn’t so much stinking greenery everywhere around you. Everywhere! At every turn you can munch to you heart’s delight! I mean seriously, have you seen the bounty?

But noOOoo, you choose new and different. You choose fresh and young. You choose my sanctuary.

How dare you.

I’m sure there’s a lesson in here, Mama Deer. I’m sure I could eke out some meaning and wring out some epiphany. And honestly maybe it’s just this: 

Life moves on. Bad things happen. There’s give. There’s take. It’s just how it is. A new barricade goes up, or it doesn’t. A new line is drawn or it’s not. We live thankful or we don’t.

I know you’re just doing what you do

and tomorrow your fawns will prance, and you’ll make sure you nurse in my view. We’ll catch eyes and you and I will call a truce…



Because apparently you love my garden palace as much as I do.

Because apparently we have more in common than I care to admit right now.

Because apparently my garden’s bounty is bringing joy to at least one our tables,

and in the end, I suppose, this Life I hold on so dearly to, doesn’t truly belong to me anyway

So today, Deer Sweet Mama –  Contemptible Nibbler that you are –

I’m just going to have to be thankful enough for both of us.


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10 thoughts on “Dear Mama Deer,

  1. Such beautiful photos. Here in Manchester, where at best I might occasionally catch glimpse of a fox, I’m jealous that such wonderful creatures as deer enjoy your garden! But I can also imagine the frustration. You’re blessed that your creativity produces not just consumable carrots but evergreen and everlasting words as well.

  2. You are a much kinder person than me. Like you, we unwillingly share our roses, vegetable garden and fruit trees with the unwelcome deer. We spray, fence, stomp and yell, and yet they still prefer our place over the miles of greenery around us.
    Your post challenges me to softened my view of them. Thank you for that. You’re absolutely right of course, “in the end, I suppose, this Life I hold on so dearly to, doesn’t truly belong to me anyway”.

    1. It took the writing to find the ‘kinder’… 🙂 but oh my goodness! her fawns are cute (guess I don’t mind feeding them a bit between my grumbles. 🙂 ) Thanks for stopping by.

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