Against all Odds

I didn’t know what I was getting into.  How many times, and for how many things could we say that?

I wonder how many things we’d never have done had we known.

I wonder if not knowing is the point. The point from which we throw caution to the wind and go diving in, only to awake to our senses

feeling exhilarated, or drenched

released into freedom, or shackled in regret.


… I wonder if waking to our senses -in the Now of knowing – is the answer.

The exhale of life that says “You’re right. You didn’t know what you got yourself into… but I did. And I do. And that has got to be enough for you right now.

So much of Life is a leaden blanket draped heavy on the chest
Reminding that beyond the shield lies an invisible world

from which we need protection.


And sometimes you just have to lie there unmoving


exhaling His peace

…against all odds.


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2 thoughts on “Against all Odds

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  1. so much of life is like riding on a boogie board! we need the wind and the wave and a bit of courage and a spirit of fun! Please lead laden chest for me… LOVE the photos and the sense of letting go xoxo Love YOU Jeane

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